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  • Before accepting the gift, I would know some standardized measures:

    a - Who is that "someone"?
    b - Is this bike theft or "someone's" own?
    c - If I like the colour of bicycle?
    d - Who manufactured it?
    e - How many years it passed on roads?
    f - Old or new?
    g - Tyre are on international standards?
    h - Police record?
    i - Search if there is not any bomb installed?
    j - If Cinderella gifted through someone?
    k - If it is Naren, Alan or Adam's sold bike found on a pile of garbage?
    l - needs any repair or maintenance work?
    m - How many owners used it?
    n - a flying bike?
    o - can run on muddy or hilly areas?
    p - If old, is this bicycle's owner dead or alive?
    q - if owner is dead, visit his/her grave and search if he/she got rest in peace due to this bicycle?
    r - If alive, why he/she wanted to sale it?

    After searched these mandatory questions, I could be able to accept or reject this offer. Anything else??

    OT: wwyd if someone hit you with her old shoe in a public area without any reason?


    • I'd tell her to beat you instead for answering the preivious wwyd instead of mine !

      So, back to mine !

      WWyd if I bite your finger with a smile ?


      • So i will step on your foot with my high heel..

        Wwyd if khan give you many questions?


        • I would answer all his questions as though he was five years old so he could understand.

          WWYD if the aliens landed on your keyboard and fired lasers at you trying to reply to this message?


          • I would call 911...

            Wwyd if the ant monster stole your foods at midnight?


            • Ant monster don't like Khan's fart food

              wwyd if life become hard for you and there is no job available?


              • my life is already like this way, I try my best to get a new job and never get dissapointed with anything or anyone.

                what would you do if aliens abduct your family?


                • I'd simply call them and tell them to return what they took or else I'll kick the living alien shit out of them, Simple as that

                  What would you do if you were showering and had soap all over your face and couldn't see a damn thing and the water just stopped because the water tank got empty and there was a party going on in the neighborhood and the music was too loud that nobody could hear you and you didn't have a towel or tissue box to clean your face and you had to attend a super important meeting?


                  • I'll do what I already did, dry my face and body with the bed sheet, whine about how life is shit and finish washing with bottled water.

                    Wwyd if someone who you swear you never met before came to you on the street and acted as if he/she always knew you ?


                    • I'll act normal and would chat with him/her and somehow try to inquire about a "common" friend (to make sure if he/she knows about my other friends too)

                      What would you do if you were only allowed to sleep for 3 hours and had to do push-ups for the rest of the day (21 hours) for a reward of $500,000 (Note that you're constantly being monitored and every push-up must be a proper/legit one. If you fail to do a proper push-up, you're disqualified.You can rest upto 5 seconds between push-ups)


                      • I would got angry and kill this person because nobody can does such thing with me.

                        what would you do if you were invisible for 1 day?


                        • I would see..i might not tell people here what i would see
                          Wwyd if you went to cinema with friends but didnt like the movie?


                          • I will beat all my friends and never ever go with them
                            wwyd if Naren propose Khan's male parrot and you're the only witness there?


                            • I'd say Naren's gone crackers for that parrot and needs to fly over the cuckoo's nest with Jack Nicholson.

                              WWYD if the person who replies to your next question croaked halfway through their answer so their family lawyer launched a lawsuit against you for writing such a weird question?


                              • I will only sit down in my chair

                                Wwyd if khan was able invisible and stole your cell phone?