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  • Originally posted by Lia200 View Post

    What is the nature of night dreams?
    Bad food just before bed? no...psychological turmoil. (turmoil is the result of any emotionally intensive circumstance in your life, good or bad.)

    What is the difference between Eastern and Western European mentalities?


    • East Europeans are more honest if there is no disadvantage for them, but they are more sneaky in business. There is a mental difference between those two parts of my family, which one lives in Poland and the other in Germany. I would say working and business with Germans, fun and drinking with Poles.

      Do you think a notorious liar betrays the others or in the first place him self?


      • A pathological liar is first and foremost...sick. Twisted in his spirit. Living in a world of his lies, not living in the real world. So...he betrays himself mostly.

        If you had to live in a different country, which would you chose to emigrate to...and why that one?


        • Because of climate: Seychelles , Bahamas, Hawaii ... Sea and stable temperature +25C
          Democracy and political stability: Scandinavian region (even if Sweden seems to turn into Somalia slowly)
          People: West Slavs, Germanics i understand them and I'm one of them.
          Those three factors in one country and I pack my suitcases.

          What is the perfect place where you would love to live in?
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          • Heaven.

            Which type of candles do you prefer for scent?


            • Apple pie scent.

              Which country would you refuse to go to on an all expense-paid vacation you won in a sweepstakes?

              (In other words, you'd prefer to stay at home than claim your prize.)


              • (A true man buys his scent candles alone.)

                OT: Egypt or other Islamic countries.

                Do you think that many people try to compensate their lack of social competency through their amount of 'likes' in social media?


                • I don't think that. There are many people who get likes because people love them.

                  Have you been to Egypt?


                  • No
                    Do you like to read comics?


                    • no, comics and superheros ware never something what I liked.

                      Can you understand somebody who you like without words?


                      • Yes, i like as Cinderella from Mars girl always talk to me without words in dreams

                        tell me why people shave their faces when they have natural beard? Is that because they look decent or they don't want to be looked like terrorists who have so called beards and blasts innocent people?
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                        • yes..

                          Do you think we are too indulgent towards "religion of peace"?


                          • If you think after studying it is really a religion of peace, so you should be.

                            Do you think terrorists have any religion??


                            • yes. The religion mentioned above.

                              Don't you think that any belief what doesn't allow criticism on them self, turns earlier or later in a violent and dangerous sect. (See, christian dark ages while medieval period, Islam dark ages nowadays)


                              • Originally posted by Hades91 View Post
                                yes. The religion mentioned above

                                I am smiling that Hades is also thinking just like common people think. I am sure, we should open for criticism. We should not criticize any religion (because every religion teach us... love and humanity, isn't it?) but we should unveil those culprits who hidden behind religions and use them for their own so-called worldly benefits and vilify them and brain wash the minds of those people who don't know even a word about that specific religion. I'm not arguing right now but we should be educated and think like educated people and must know a little bit about worldly politics how the world "GREAT" leaders made ISIS and Al-Queda, bokoharam and other so-called Islamist orgnisations for their next 100 years benefits and how they vilified "a religion of peace" in the eyes of the innocent people and spread hatred all around and who were behind the 9/11 twin towers great game (your answer will be MUSLIMS, right? I knew that . See, 2 terrorist plans took off from different run ways, stayed a number of minutes in the air and US officials did not destroy them and allowed them to struck with the twin towers? Do you believe in USA like higher technological air control systems such things can happen and they did not destroyed it in the air through their world reknown jets? The fact is that if they did not do that, they would not entered their army in Afghanistan. Why they chose Afghanistan like barren country for their aims? This is also a story, will tell you some other time.
                                I am smiling right now that really people are so blind that beside completed their education from world reknown universities, they can use their mind for unsolved Einstein formulas, they can see in the depth of sea and explore the skies but they even don't dare to think that who were those GREAT LEADERS OF THE WORLD and what were their evil aims and benefits and why they chose only Islam & Muslims for their so called games and why not other ? I know a number of non-Islamist Terrorist groups who are not given the coverage yet on medias and who also hidden behind Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and other religions, so will we blame their religion?? OR... the people? I would like to say and sure that terrorists have no religion. I also know people have a lot of answers for that but I must say that there are a million of other religion educated people who knew who were behind those great games and how the great leaders brain washed the minds of innocent people against a specific religions, "the religion of peace"

                                OT: Do you like your boss?