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Being happy in work

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  • Being happy in work

    i think, that person is doesn't exist.

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    You mean, there is no person who would be happy with their job?

    I don't think this is true. There are people who love their job and on the other hand there are people who hate it.
    It depends on what kind of work you do, what people you work with and where.

    Job is even a hobby for some people.


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      Rightly said .I think it depend on the person .


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        Keep enjoy with your job.. Because work already like as the adult of toys


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          Happiness might be a bad expectation. Shifting the motivation from only the salary component, to some long term work related perspectives might help. This also depends on kind of work and the management you are associated with. Typical examples can be:

          1. Making a clear relationship with your boss is very important. Try to make it more transparent. If your boss is not satisfied with you, challenge him and prove him wrong.
          2. If you are working in a stressed environment, make sure you maintain and peaceful and hassle free personal life.
          3. I know that truth hurts, but being proactive is the only way to create a peaceful work life. We all try to extend work till the last minute, although finishing work earlier than the scheduled time(maintaining time buffer) is the only way to achieve 'nirvana' in work life.

          There can be many examples but It actually depends on what kind of work you are associated with. IMO, japaneese style of management is one of the best way to keep worklife peaceful and de-cluttered:


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            i think, that person is doesn't exist.
            Of course, there are plenty of people who are happy with their work. Is it the majority? Probably not. I'd encourage you to work on your priorities and find something you truly enjoy. Life is too short, no ?


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              If you're the boss and you like to mistreat your employees is the work a lot of fun.


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                Tutoring on the university level is amazing. It's legit fun passing on the knowledge you have. ++ because coworkers are intelligent and stimulating to talk to.


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                  Nah i think we(NL) have pretty high percentage of people(compared to the rest of the world).Who are actually doing the job they like/love. But you have the oppertunity s here to better yourself or reducate(if you have the discipline and some money), but also labourlaws/decent pay/ect,helps for happy workers. But like everywhere a lot of people just work, to pay the bills and feed ther family s.

                  Personally i rolled into my trade, after wasting all my school years,lol. At first i hated it, but the more i learned(school/experience), the better i got/get, the more pride i take. It also is,what you make of it........still love/hate my job,lol.

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