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    Originally posted by CaptainRish View Post

    The same as people have interest in Elves and the like. Sea, Adventure, Booty - Whats not to like ? Just avoid the occasional Imperial Navy who is after your head and freedom.
    I wonder if it has anything to do with The Pirate Bay...


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      Originally posted by starbear View Post
      I wonder if it has anything to do with The Pirate Bay...
      Only when you are near the coasts. No Wi fi in the high seas.
      Lookin' for Booty on the Seven seas.

      I like to write about Food


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        I live in country with an enooormous web of subcultures!!


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          I think people like pirates from the same reason they like stories about bandits and outlaws...they are rebels against the system. People want to feel rebellious once in a while.


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            ı am turk.

            we live near europe but we are not european.
            we live near arabes but we are not arabe.

            europeans see us in an arabe subcultur, arabes see us in europe subcultur, its comic. we are not european, we are not arabe, we are Turk


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              I'm into tarot if that's one. It is what it is but I like to use it to think and focus on both present and future. I'm interested in most things divinatory and occult, whether I believe or not, they're fascinating worlds.