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The answer to the question "how are you?" (95 out of Russia:)

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  • The answer to the question "how are you?" (95 out of Russia:)

    We have three traditional answer to the question "How are you?". If everything is OK — then Good! If all is not well, then "Good". If all bad then, "Well...".

    Offers 95 options how to answer this question. So, how are you?

    The best!
    The quiet sadness of the
    Everything is OK!
    Thank you-all good-and you? — very nice-bye
    Oh, what are we doing? We have Affairs, and the Prosecutor of the CASE
    Yes, as long as I live, and it seems not going to die
    The pension is good. increased.
    The pay is good. Small, but good.
    Because why?
    What is so simple?
    All the beam
    In "Brother 2"
    Great! What you want
    And you?
    All is well, and will be even better!
    Best of all. Well, that no one envies.
    Well, do not wait.
    Well you wouldn't believe bad — will not help
    Kiss me first!
    Yesterday broke two ribs...
    As Monday
    As in a fairy tale
    As always, that is good
    As always, that is bad
    C terms of commonplace erudition ignore criteria utopian subjectivism, conceptual interpreting common definizione polarizers, so the consensus reached dialectical material classification universal motivations in paradigmatically links predicates, solves the problem of improvement of forming of etransformation quasipolitical all kinetically correlated aspects, as well as normal.
    How are you?
    Like you.
    How are you?!
    In Poland: who has the cart and the pan
    What, actually, business?
    As always
    As you can see
    Still alive.
    Not dead and not married
    But as in fact doing?
    And doing it?
    What is it?
    No business
    What are you doing? I'm not in the business now!
    Oh I am a poor, miserable, so tired, every day I have to come up with the answer to the question "How are you?"
    Old lady Agatha Christie once said a remarkable phrase: "do Not have to say anything if you have nothing to say."
    There are two ways to put a person in a dead end: ask him "How are you" and ask them to tell us something
    Don't know
    Difficult to answer
    Things are going, the office says
    And you take your time?
    You want to talk about it?
    Day on the carriage, two on foot!
    Like a parrot, which the cat pulls a paw on the floor, and he gleefully shouts "Go!"
    Like a Zebra
    Like in a taxi. The farther the more expensive.
    Like a bun — left and right alike.
    As sausage roll, fun and cheerful
    In comparison with Bublikov good
    As well as Michael Jackson 15 years ago.
    Better than yesterday but worse than tomorrow...
    What matters with these things!
    Business? ?? No they are not a business I...
    Also, as of five minutes ago...
    You all at once or in parts?
    I'm naturally a slacker.
    Not so much done, so much not done! And how many yet to do!
    A lot of cases
    Women you can answer that-Flirty squinting eye — "And what?"
    Well! And you?
    Of course.
    In Angola, children are starving, and everything is fine
    All chocolate, even the keyboard!
    Grow, color, usual
    Yeah you got me straight to ecstasy bring your questions... Ask more than I do and I'm yours forever...
    You incomparably original in his questions
    Yeah OK, yesterday received the Nobel prize for his contribution to the development of ECOstructure units in the field of cetaceans of ciliates shoes and Slippers and for the discovery of nano-technology that will help the penguins to overcome the ice age in the African forests and deserts of Hawaii in the state of Mass Cossets Washington, DC.
    Like Scrooge McDuck
    Hard life without Novo-Passita...
    I don't care how you're doing, but since we haven't seen each other, of decency have something to ask.
    Your prayers
    My works perfectly! Waiting for further questioning about his personal life!
    Ask me another question please
    Envy silently
    So far, no one has bitten
    The average in the area
    Concerning. If you compare with Lenin good, if a millionaire was not.

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    Its called a talk if you don't talk it won't matter how good your profile is or how many years you spend here what I find annoying is that people jump in to a fight and arguments quickly but they won't talk normally or talk for the sake if talking