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Do you know anyone who is addicted to gaming?

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  • Do you know anyone who is addicted to gaming?

    Does anyone know someone who is addicted to gaming and what are their ages?

    Please let us know what are the steps that you took to stop or help someone who may have an addiction with gaming?
    ​Also, let us know if you may be having a problem at home, and if your life has changed from good or bad.

    Here are some of the top gaming out there, such as CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield,....etc
    Below 18
    Above 18
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    Addiction to gaming is like an addiction to gambling or to alcohol, the best way to fix the problem is to go to a specialist that can help the patient, not to try to play the psychologist yourself but more to follow the advices the doctors could give you.

    Moreover, since it's an addiction like the others, the age is kinda the same as for anything else (the youngest you are, the worse it will be somehow), but it's not the only factor to consider at all, a depression can lead to the addiction as well, and the same goes for the strategy of some games (F2P are the best game to develope an addiction).

    That being said, finding a hobby, an activity that can take the attention of someone (out of games) to makes one discovering something else than pixels is not a bad idea.


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      Here's an online study gaming statistics surveyed in 2013. Please choose and select which one you believe now a days. Let's find out the results and comparison today.

      ​Please choose and vote which age you believe is addicted now a days for later results and comparison. Thank you


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        Some online gaming are so popular now a days that they are played all over the world. Mostly young kids play gaming against each other and making millions.

        ​Online gaming can be addictive and that's the draw back, the positive thing is some of these kids making more money than most of us can see in our entire lives.