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  • Moderators not responding 2

    You closed my previous thread regarding moderators not responding without even bothering to contact me...i waited a week for something to be done regarding the user i named...and nothing has been done!!...i have the screenshots to prove what they were doing...but hey ho it seems this site will always side with those its easiest to support and not those who are actually being abused/ victimised...
    If the moderators would like to see the proof maybe they should actually contact me....i did mention this in previous contact attempts but no one actually bothered to follow it up

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    I think you need to contact them via under the Help section and then click onto Contact us. I don't think you should open a forum regarding an issue or a problem with someone here. I saw your first forum complain and it was closed by the moderator.

    I am NOT a moderator, Administrator, employee of this site or in any way affiliated with this site or this company.


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      I hear what your saying...but after reporting this user a week ago...and at least twice since then...i have had no contact whatsoever off the admins/moderators to follow up what i reported...if making others aware by using the general forum attracts the attention of a moderator/admin then i will keep using this forum.... i do as said have the screenshots to prove what i have reported...and if the moderators/admin wish to see it they should email me so i can send them the fraud shouldnt be allowed to go on like this without being investigated far its just been swept under the carpet....


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        As stated in your last thread ...... your report was processed and no evidence was found per your report, the member has obviously removed the pics and until such time as he gets reported for another offence with evidence our profile moderators can rule on this matter is closed ..... and so is this thread.

        Read the forum rules before you post in the forum again.

        .... and I repeat ...... moderators are not permitted to give feedback on reports, there is a procedure for contacting admin with a complaint as explained in the last thread, please use the Contact Us form, the forum is not the place to be raising these type of matters.

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