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Being emotional person...HARD

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  • Being emotional person...HARD

    Hello guys, firstly thanks for taking from your time to read my topic.

    I want to talk about something that sometimes I hate in my self, which is being emotional person. I'm 26 years old man.

    With people, I always deal kind with every person, there are who deserve it and some do not deserve it, I met exploiters when they finished taking their needs from me they leave

    Other thing, I don't like to take photos with my family especially with my parents or brothers/sisters. You will ask why?

    Because I'm thinking about that day whey that closer persons to me would pass away (die), If I took a photos with them then back to look at it, this will affect on me a lot.. Yesterday, I checked one album of photos of my older sister now she married and about +40 years old, when I checked it I saw her young with her friends in the secondary school, then at one photo of her with one her friend girl that she died a years ago.. I remember when she were always coming to our home visit my sister...I got quickly tears even the person is just a friend of my sister not my family, How It feel If that person is one my closer family?! ; (( This is the reason I don't like to take photos with my family.

    One last thing, even toward animals, pets I still didn't adopt one because thinking of that day would pass away...

    This is why I say I hate being emotional.

    Is this normal?

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    You know, emotional people take more pictures tan non-emotional ones... They use them to remind people they love and good moments they had (basically, it's a souvenir). In addition, taking pictures or not won't affect that much the pain you'll feel when losing a beloved, be it a human or a pet, because you will always find plenty of things around you to remind you that they were living with you once.


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      Emotional people..based on your explanation..i think i am more emotional than you...i always cry when i watches sad movies...huuuuhhhhhhh...i am thinking how to rid of it but it always comes naturally


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        Such thoughts really scare any human being, we all sometimes think about death, we speak about it and fear it and we fear to lose our loved ones, people and pets. I think we should not focus on that too much because death is inevitable and sooner or later losses and death will come to all of us. We should enjoy the moments when we are together. My mother is 80, I love her in spite of some irritating features she possesses and I really started liking spending time with her, cooking, laughing or simply watching a movie or gossiping with her. I know that one day I won't have such a chance to be at her place and meet her there. Her pet is a great cat of 15, very old for a cat and I also hate thinking he will pass away so I play with that cat and spend time with him instead. My cat is 14, he is like our family member and I know it is unbearable to lose family members and pets but such is life. Let us focus on positive thoughts as long as we can.