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Idiots want to Raid Area 51

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  • Idiots want to Raid Area 51

    Posting this up just for ****s and giggles .

    See, I don't know what inspires these idiots to do these sort of things. I am guessing these are the left over youtubers who did the Tide Pod eating challenge and then got overly pissed over the fact that they didn't die.

    So currently there is a post on facebook that is asking people if they want to storm Area 51:

    And thus far, 200k people have said that they will be attending the event.

    Now, being that this is the internet, I am pretty sure this is all just a big prank and no one will be stupid enough to try this in Real Life...

    Then again, this is the Internet and therefore there should be a select number of people who are stupid enough to try this in Real Life.

    Back when I was serving, our FOBs (or any of our Military bases for that matter) used have checkpoints with a clear sign that said "Deadly force Authorized beyond this point" followed by a nice compliment of two .50 cal Browning on each side. And believe you and me, our Machine Gunners could light up a car in a matter of seconds.

    Now I know for a fact that Area 51 has plenty of those said signs around its parameter followed by possible Minefields, Patrol Aircrafts and Security Detail that is ready to defend the base against an invasion. And that is only the stuff we know about.

    So for the morons who think they can make it to the base's parameter if they can just Naruto run their way to it, I can assure you, you will not win. The U.S. Military has gotten really REALLY good at extinguishing a large number of **** heads quickly and efficiently.

    Just ask Uncle A-10.

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      Those idiots think they can flash mob an US base with lot of secret projects like illegal immigrants do this to the US border. They don't know that illegal immigrants are protected human beings with special privileges and state indulgences to commit any kind of crime.


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        I support them, go go to the Area 51 guys!


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          Originally posted by Sancta_Lux View Post
          I support them, go go to the Area 51 guys!



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            I think it's kind of funny. I'd love to actually know what's going on in Area 51 but I think even if people actually made it in, they will be disappointed to discover that it's not as interesting as they were hoping for. But I'm sure it's all a big joke. I'm sure there are some secrets in Area 51 but I doubt they're nearly as impressive as we're hoping for.


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              I don't know what the government really does at area 51, besides the very little we do know (testing secret aircraft, advanced weapons, stuff like that).

              I don't believe in the UFO or aliens from outer space theories, but that is my personal opinion. I don't believe in aliens from other plants.

              But I do believe area 51 is used for top secret aircraft designs, advanced weapons, and anything else the government wants to keep hidden.

              From Wikipedia,

              "The United States Air Force facility ,commonly known as Area 51, is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range."

              As for the fools that might actually try to invade area 51, that is beyond stupid. If they are lucky, they will end up in a holding cell and jail. If not so lucky, they will end up dead.

              I wish the government would protect our national borders better, there are a lot of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border from Mexico. It is breaking US law, which is a real crime.

              Also from Wikipedia,

              "Illegal entry is the act of foreign nationals arriving in or crossing the borders into a country in violation of its immigration law."

              "The illegal entry of non-nationals into the United States is a misdemeanor according to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which prohibits non-nationals from entering or attempting to enter the United States at any time or place which has not been designated by an immigration officer, and also prohibits non-nationals from eluding inspection by immigration officers."


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                Come on dude (OP), everything is a joke here. First, the "stormers" may go there, but won't dare to enter, second USAF for so many years had 2 (two) obvious choices: Since Area 51 is so famous for years, if you really have alien tech and you want to hide it, you will either 1) move it to a more secret location OR 2) hide it in plain sight, which is to say - it's still in Area 51, in which case they quadrupled the defense of the area.

                Both case translate to "a pointless effort to dare to enter", since in 1) there is nothing to find and in 2) you will be dead 5 miles before reaching the area, as they will push you away with all assets available. 1) also translates to death, as you will attempt to enter a military zone, so either case equals "you are dead".

                Now who wants to go there, again?


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                  I dont know area 51 but if it was true, i would get a lot of profit if i had a motel near it


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                    Originally posted by Narenayu View Post
                    I dont know area 51 but if it was true, i would get a lot of profit if i had a motel near it
                    somehow the 12,5% Ashkenazi blood in me understands you.
                    Don't you have the desire to rub your hands when you make profit?


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                      haha they can't stop all of us