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What are Putin's chances in the upcoming election? Will history repeat itself?

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    Originally posted by Talise12 View Post
    Would be great for Russia, another Екатерина II Великая. But in present Russia, I hardly can imagine they would accept one woman leader.
    Why need Ekaterine of the Great, if Putin is a politician of this type?

    Originally posted by Goathika View Post
    Those 15% of her supporters are young and lively graduates who still have hope for the better future...
    15% for Sobchak. Sobchak hasn't so much money for pay of many votes. She will score 4-6% of the votes in the best scenario. Russia has so many young stupid people.

    Originally posted by johnnyblaz View Post
    Putin has 86% approval rating and it seems like there are no strong candidates compared to Putin.
    ​86% is also unrealistic as 15-20% fof Sobchak. This fictional numbers.
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      Originally posted by jacob3410 View Post
      Russians would rather stick with a corrupt leader and stay in the poor circumstances they are in rather than risk instability.
      You are absolutely right. I think 60-65% of the population think so. Ideal politic leader does not happen, so we will choose the great tit in the hands.

      Originally posted by Suna123 View Post
      Those who do nothing are traitors as well. When there is no real alternative to Putin in Russia, then there should be founded a new party which will be a real alternative.
      A grus let them fly in the sky.

      By the way, Suna, have you read about the tortoise and the hare of Jean de La Fontaine?

      Originally posted by Tux1 View Post
      The other concept to suggest or discuss is that various clans are in competition with each other within/in Russia and some accept the status quo but sometimes, one 'oligarch' gets ideas to increase his power profile a little and either others permit it or try to knock him down ( a peg). He either capitulates/relents or there is a major power struggle or conflict - this can be political or economical or both.
      ​I agree with Tux, because his concept are applicable as within Russia, so and within all World.
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        Russia is a managed democracy. 100% Putin will win by a clear margin. What the percentages are we will have to wait and see.


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          Originally posted by dmitri11
          Because 120% is a reality in Russia. (N. Gogol's "Dead souls")
          Why are you telling fantasy stories? My wife participated (as an assistant and then as the organizer) in two local, two parliamentary and one presidential election (she will soon organize a second). All incidents are the fault of the mentally ill or provocateurs. Managed democracy, as wolves and bears on the streets, everyone has heard about them, but no one saw.


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            Originally posted by dmitri11
            the voting paper of the dead is a reality. any democracy is a sham.
            I don't know about other democracies, but Russian democracy involves verification of ballots and records in the books on video-camera at the request of any representative from electing parties. This account takes place at several times during the night counting. And all it ends when all the participants understand that no complaints about the result.
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              The insanity of the election came down to the fact that the representatives from the electing parties go to the toilet together with the organizers for avoid any incident.


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                Crimes? You want crimes?

                Stupid vatniks are going to let anything go because their elevators don't go all the way to the top. Глупые люди.


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                  Originally posted by dmitri11

                  And vatniks not saying that you took that cash, but if you did, you'd be smart enough to do the math. My favorite storyteller is Jonathan Swift. But stupid people also have souls. What boiled up?

                  The chances is the cash. Who sings the kind of democracy?
                  "No ideological differences between the USA and Russia" - V. Putin (I agree)
                  "Policy of the USA is a way to nowhere" - V. Putin (I agree)
                  What the policy of Putin can lead to?
                  Is this your final answer? So, in response to my post, you are just trolling me? Nice...

                  I'm not sure what to say in response. I would advise not to take drugs before posting, though.


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                    You're kidding right? We all know he's going to win, he doesn't even have real competition.


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                      Hahahaha)) Hello everybody my friends))) There is so funny place) I like your discuss. You know so many things about Putin and about his politic)) Putin is strong president. Even foreignes dont to be calm and talk and talk about him)) hahahahahaha))) Yuo are funny))


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                        Originally posted by Suna123 View Post
                        Those who do nothing are traitors as well. When there is no real alternative to Putin in Russia, then there should be founded a new party which will be a real alternative.

                        Stop whining and do something.

                        PS: 86% approval for Putin is hilarious. That is a king, not a democratical elected person. Those high values happen only in fake democracies.
                        Agree! First, our political sistem must find a real oppositionable candidate!
                        It's wrong at all, be against authorities but don't have any power behind..


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                          zanunte svoyu demokratiu sebe v evropu!

                          only Volodimir Vladimierovich!

                          Slava Putin! Viva la Russia!


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                            Meh.........doesnt really matter atm,we have your(Putins and friends)money,..................and if push comes to shove, China.

                            And most of you guys,/gals seem to have a more capitalist attitude then

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                              >Russian Federation

                              pick one


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                                When do leaders of totalitarian regimes quit ruling the country? When they're brought out in expensive coffins So yes, Putin will rule until he comes Brezhnev like....Nothing really surprising here.