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  • 2D Animation maker

    Hy, I interest of 2D Animation, especially Anime. But... it's looks kinda impossible to making friend with animator or illustrator here.
    I just want someone to talk about it.

    About how we create manga, using anime studio or live 2D cubism, or anything else.

    If you have same interest, lemme know it and lets be friend

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    You can use Adobe After Effect to make animation. Firstly you need to create a cartoon character in Illustrator and set in After Effects, then use After Effect tools to make movements. You also design a scene in Illustrator and make a 3D city in After Effects.


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      My teacher recommended me Toon Boom (Harmony) and Anime Studio (Moho) as well. But it was so long ago.
      Also, there was a good fun program for IOS called Animation Creator...
      You may also ask on large forums for animators. They may give you a better advice.


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        Manual 2D animation is pretty much obsolete technique for producing 2D animation these days, what you should do is learn 3D modelling and animation, and then how to use texturing, shaders and camera to make your 3D models and animation look 2D or 2.5D.


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          Tony, there is point in what you said, but actually 2d animation cannot be completely replaced by 3d technology because of some 3d limitations and some 2d features 3d cannot use. It's first. Second, 2d animation is still not dead, there is a lot of good series, cartoon movies, like Adventure Time, or Gravity Falls, or Over the Garden Wall, or other good content. Third, 2d digital animation is still easier than true manual animation made with a light box. And last, but not least, a good 3d animator must know classical principles and fundamentals of 2d animation. So it's still actual for beginners, students and professionals.


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            Hehe, maybe there is some truth to that, but personally I'm all for 3D. You have a huge budget and a production studio, 2D is still viable for that sentimental footprint, but a small independent producer/group can easily spend a year working on something they could do with 3D in 3 months, and acquiring the required skills is considerably easier. If you are passionate about 2D animation, or you choose it for the artistic value, then of course you should go with it, but if you just want to produce content with a medium that is arguably more accessible, efficient and powerful, then you would go with 3D. Maybe 3D cannot replace 2D or imitate it to total perfection, but in my opinion at least, it can definitely surpass 2D in most areas, as there are no limits to what you can achieve with this ever-evolving digital technology.


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              Tony, I agree with what you said, but - as you mentioned, it's also a matter of preferences, passion. Though you are right from a practical point of view. (Sorry, my English may be quite strange sometimes)))