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  • Buying used car

    What are the things to check when buying used cars?

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    Make sure car has maintenance history. Depending on the age and mileage, make sure that some major maintenance items are done in the past such as timing belt, water pump, regular oil change and brakes too. Do not buy a car with visible signs of sever oil leaks.


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      It depends on what country you are in to what information might be available. Check for accident damage - how well the panels fit together, are some areas of the car might have a different colour, some inspectors run a magnet over panels looking for car filler/ bog.. Do the records indicate the vehicle may have 'odo rolling' (the vehicle has fewer miles than it should have). Proof of ownership - is the person selling the car the legitimate owner of the car. Is there money/ finance owing on the car - some places you can buy the car and the repo man can take the car off you if a previous owner still owes money on the car (is there a database you can check to see if money is still owed on the car?). Flood damage - has the vehicle been in deep water and dried out - electrical connectors can corrode - very hard to tell. Has the car been on salt roads and not washed.- rusting under body.
      Check for vermin damaged wiring - many cars have soy based plastic insulation on wiring that rodents love to chew - honda does a anti-rodent wiring wrap.
      Dealer check - has the vehicle gone back for factory recalls and upgrades - especially for safety systems or mechanical parts that might have been defective

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        When it comes to used cars, there are many things you should know. First of all, don't buy a car only based on price. Also, it's important to make sure you get a full history of the car. Personally, I bought a car via customs broker company and I had no problems with my car at all -


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          Originally posted by Emptandly
          For me personally, this is a common thing. Many times I bought used cars for myself, my friends and the whole family. Since I have been in this business for a long time, I have some experience, however, it is also quite possible for beginners to secure themselves. As an example, VIRUS constantly helps me out and saves me, I can look at the history of the car in a couple of clicks and immediately understand for myself whether I should consider the deal further or not. Then you already see live in the car and pronounce all the nuances. I would advise you to first make a deal in the form of a contract or receipt if you are afraid.
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