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Who Like Aquarium ? ..Fish tanks,,freshwater & marine tank

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  • Who Like Aquarium ? ..Fish tanks,,freshwater & marine tank

    Hi people ..!! this is about Aquarium , I like fish keeping so much..! i have 4 tanks
    1 monster fish tank
    2 community tanks
    1 shrimp tank

    ,,all are freshwater ..anyone interesting about this topic ? we can share our ideas,our tank pics and etc.mostly everyone like to watch Aquarium ..u can check my profile..i have added my tank pics & share ur tank pics also
    have a nice day!!
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      I have two planted freshwater tanks at the moment. This is one of them.
      8 Neon Tetras
      1Siamese Veiltail Betta
      3 Corydoras Albinos
      2 Ramirezi Blue
      1 Albino Suckermouth

      Anubias Nana
      Hydrocotyle Tripartita

      Unzan rock and JBL substrate


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        Nice tank friend..betta is ok with Tetras ? are they not fighting ?