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My New Hobbies: Postcrossing

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  • My New Hobbies: Postcrossing

    Hello! Have you ever send a postcard to your friends who living in another city or country?
    I like to send a postcard since I met some foreign friends. I have been send a postcard to some country. Malaysia, South Korea, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Ghana.
    I have bad experience while sending the postcard. My friends who living in Egypt and Saudi Arabia didn't receive the postcard. It was so sad. I think that's because of their address is not complete. I learn from last experience, so I try to re-send a new postcard. I hope it will arrive safely. After a weeks, I got a postcard from Irene, my Korean friend. She's send me 2 postcard and 1 hanbok craft. I was sooo happy. Because it's my first time! Since I felt so happy, I decide to send moreeee postcard to people around the world. The feel is different than talking on messenger or whatsapp.

    So, how about you? Tell me the story bellow!

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    I carry a list of people to whom I send postcards whenever I go on holiday. They include two kids from Colombia whom I want to see a little more of the world, and friends from this website. Most collect postcards. A couple of them were postcrossers, but they stopped. One time, there was a young girl on this site who posted that she collected postcards. I offered to send her a postcard. I have been doing it for a number of years now. I think she must have received around 50 postcards from me over time.

    ​I try to send postcards from wherever I am staying. On some trips, I stay in four or five towns. Last November, I send almost 50 postcards in a week. One of the recipients was sitting next to me when I was writing her postcards. She even put a couple of those postcards in the post.

    ​One time, I overheard another friend talking with someone. As she told the other person who I was, she remarked I sent her postcards from places she had not heard of before. It is quite pleasing to know that people appreciate a postcard.

    ​I hope you will receive many postcards and will enjoy sending postcards to friends. The postal services in some countries are not very reliable. However, I found that some postcards may take a month, whilst others will take between four and six months to reach the addressee, even when they live just ten kilometres apart. So, maybe your friends in Egypt and Saudi Arabia will receive their cards in time.


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      I am into snail mailing


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        I like also a lot of sending a lot of postcards and snail mail (even most of them has stopped for some reason). But I like also to use Postcrossing a lot. I like it a lot and it is really easy. Even I would like to have new people to write to and get something back