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    If I were the OP, I'd be really ashamed of such lies as posting someone else's good work as my own but it seems this person not only has no sense of shame but also wishes to attack those who tell him the truth, shame on you, OP!


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      Originally posted by DrSchadenfreude View Post

      Oh dear spicy/Abhi/carter/ana/german one etc etc etc, you really are still a complete failure when it comes to deflecting how angry you are that you were caught lying about your "art" on the plus side all your sockpuppet accounts are hilariously clumsy so looking forward to your next attempt to pretend you are not a retard
      Now, when I'll think of him, I guess I'll have such song in my mind :


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        Well abhi (if that is even a name................) your account is deleted but no apology from you for shamelessly stealing someone else's art and claiming it as your own and then digging so low you ended up using one (I know you have more ) of your sockpuppet accounts to defend yourself, good times