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What is your art style?

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  • What is your art style?

    I’m so curious about what type of style and inspirations people gravitate towards to for their art! What have you been doing lately? What is your choice of medium? I’m hoping we can all share some insights, inspiration, and work☺️

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    I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Most of it is poetry, but I try writing short stories sometimes. I really don't think of myself as having a particular style. In college, I liked the challenge of writing metered poetry. I liked the constraints of meter that lead the symbolic use of English, so I was interested in symbolic poets for a moment. I felt very out of place writing metered poetry because everyone else had a different style.

    One day, i decided to write a new poem, so I completely copied my friend's style and even lines from one of her poems in addition to going to an open mic night. Now, i write more free form poetry, and I try to keep it "popular" in that I let other people read it, and I want to look like a cool guy in it. It also keeps me from saying something too personal or esoteric among other things.

    I have also grown up a bit, so my poetry can have adult themes. For example, I wrote a story in which a character masturbates, and then she has sex with someone at the end of the story. A woman messaged me saying it was inappropriate to post on the forums, so I wrote another story with extreme violence in it to see if it would bother anyone.

    As for inspiration, I think life and friends can be so inspiring. But many times I will listen to music if I need inspiration. Or I look at art or whatever. idk, just live the life.


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      I like hyperrelist paintings, e.g.