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  • Collecting used stamps

    Hello to everybody, =)

    my name is Christian, I'm 28 years old and beside of snail mailing and making sport, one of my biggest hobby is it to collect some used stamps from different countrys. My goal is it to get a used stamp from every country of the world. I will collect as many stamps as possible. Does somebody has the same hobby than me? Or could help me somebody with his used stamps from the daily post that he/she get? Or maybe someone is working at the post or in a big company that daily get many post and could send me the used stamps? It would be great to hear from you!

    Many Greats from Germany

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    Have you tried looking for all-world stamp packs. Not many stamps are used these days. Companies in Europe mainly use franking marks. I myself collect (unmounted) mint stamps of only a few countries. I almost never see stamps on the mail I receive. I do use stamps when I am travelling and sending people postcards or letters.

    Below is a link to the online shop of one of the biggest names in philately. They sell the packs I referred to above.
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