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    Hello everyone, and welcome to! More specifically, welcome to the introduction forum!

    We hope you find the services our site provides to your advantage, and enjoy your time here! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to check out the Suggestions & Feature Requests or the Site Help & Tips forums respectively.

    As well, you can reach any one of the Moderation/Administration staff at any time via a Private Message with questions or concerns about the site - or anything in general!

    Want tips on where to start?
    - Try our Search Feature, to find Interpal users around your age, location - or any of the specifications you are looking for.

    - Why not check out the Forums to see who is an active user, or try and find someone you may have things in common with to talk with?

    - Add some Photos!

    Want some tips for success?
    - Try Editing your profile with as much detail as you can allow yourself to put up, this way users visiting your profile will get a taste of what you are like. Remember, the more correct information on your profile, the more valuable pen pal replies you may get!

    - Make sure your messages you send to users, are detailed and enjoyful to read - copy and paste messages will make you look like a spammer, and your messages may not get read at all!

    - No one likes a egotistical person - when you talk to another interpaler here, try not to talk just about yourself, this will ensure your conversations last longer and have more dept to them!

    - Feeling brave? Add some color to your profile or messages using HTML or BBCode.

    - You can also post youtube videos to your profile, so others can see what kinds of music/video games etc. you are into (instructions on how to do that found in the BBCode page.)

    If you have any questions, or concerns or even comments - please do not be afraid to let a moderator or administrator know what is going on. We are here to help you, and (mostly) know what we are doing.

    Relax, and have a good time!

    - The Interpal Staff