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Hello from the Czech Republic!

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  • Hello from the Czech Republic!

    I am nearly 20. y. o. woman (my birthday is 28th May) and I love foreign languages, unfortunately I am not good at them and I need to improve my English skills for my English is not really good. I am also learning German, Esperanto, Latin, Polish and Russian, but in these languages I am beginner.

    I would love to make new friends here from the whole world, but I am bothered by all the men who just want to flirt. I also hate when someone writes just "hello" or when anyone asks me about photo (I dont have any because I am ugly )

    I love ancient languages, especiall latin, greek and hebrew, but I dont know them well yet. I practise latin by visiting catholic masses using traditional latin rite, reading Bible in Latin or listening to Gregorian chant.

    I am quite a boring person because I have only normal hobbies such as reading books, watching films and tv series, scouting and so. I am also a bit weirdo, I suffer from depressions and social anxiety. And I love other weirdos pretty much

    However, I will be so glad if anyone writes me a message and wants to talk, but please, read my profile first and dont tell just "hi".

    And if anyone wants to learn czech language, i can help!

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    Words like weirdos e.t.c. are not popular by other panpalers.


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      Bonan tagon. I am a native English speaker, and joined only a few days ago. I saw your message from 2016, so I'm sorry to be so late in replying. I think your interests are good ones, and your English looks fine. If you are still in InterPals and want to try corresponding with me, please do. I am beginning to learn Esperanto, and found a good combination of ways to progress in it: the videos at YouTube by "AmericanEsperantist", and the Esperanto course at Duolingo which is presently very good; we could talk about that as much, or as little, as you please My other interests are probably "boring," too - I live a quiet life. There are a few books, films, and poems that I've especially enjoyed; I have dabbled in learning Gregg shorthand, the art of memory, and used to collect books for learning dozens of interesting languages - until I realized that it would probably take me three or more lifetimes to learn them all. As for the rest, we'll see what happens. I should mention that I won't be flirting, so it's easy to abide by your sensible request - for I live a cloistered life as a hermit and contemplative monk. It also means there would likely be times when I would perhaps delay replying for a number of days. Very glad you posted, thank you kindly.