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  • Hello Halo Haiiiiii

    I don't know if I ever wrote an indtroduction on this forum. I never use the forum actually.
    I'm Sarah and I'm nice to meet you all.
    As you can see from my profile I have many interests and passions.
    But I also don't like some stuff.
    I'm basically here 'cause I wanna have a snailmail pen friend from Norway, Japan, Cadana, and China (These are my fav countries).
    I love snail mail cause it's more expressive than a cold email, but even email pen pals are okay.

    Ask me whatever you want -no rude questions, thanks-

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    Hello Halo Haii tooo


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      Hey! This is Mary david. I'm a writer by profession. I'm new here and would like to make new friends here.
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