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Hello there from Asteroid 325

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  • Hello there from Asteroid 325

    One day I woke up into a wormhole, and I found myself on earth. It was not difficult learning human languages as they are so simple and compared to our highly technical and detailed yet also very abstract and theoretical language. Also people from my planet are much smarter. They send not very intelligent people like me to earth as ambassadors. I come with peace. I want to establish a link between our civilization and yours, just like when we came and built the pyramids and other monuments in your planet and shared some of our knowledge with you homo-sapiens. We want to give you the secret to harmony and set you back on the right track as it seems that you have gotten derailed.

    My earth name is Natan, Our Planet Health Checkup shows that your planet is in bad health, and we would like to offer our help for the recovery of your planet.
    If you want to get to know me, and ask for life on my planet Asteroid 325 and the neighboring ~15000 asteroids, feel free to write to me.
    Ongo boro nameia hun! (That's "see you soon" in my language)

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    I just played a game Neir Automata, with Androids....AND I am playing Detroit beyond human. with Androids.

    NOW , I just reread your topic, you said asteroid and not Android.... SORRY

    Good luck.

    dr. Darrell of Michigan.