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    Hi,My name is Omar, I'm 23, I'm from Morocco and I'm a student of biology, I had my bachelor in 2017 for to be a teacher but this work is bad in Morocco,last year was my first of Master but I didnt continue it because a lot of causes, now I'm looking for a job because I want to make a family with a mature,wise woman and realize my goals(study,family...),I can teach you Arabic and french(a little), I need to learn English and improving my French,maybe we can be friends so tell me about yourself please .

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    A lot of people out there are searching for who they are. Which begs the question, who am I? Well, my name is Valerie Thueson, but to really know who I am, one would have to get a sense of what I am capable of. Throughout the last 5 years, I have spent my life devoted to creating videos worthy of being seen. Whether they were school events, local communities, or non-profit organizations, I was taking the time to capture special and meaningful moments. I have loved every moment of it, so when the opportunity to do something similar during my study abroad experience presented itself, I was eager to begin the process. The most exciting part of being given such a chance is that it causes me to step out of my comfort zone. While I have loved writing, creating videos, and being a leader all these years, becoming a blogger/vlogger causes me to be in the spotlight. I have spent majority of my life behind the scenes, which is what I always loved, but now I’ll be in front of the camera. The thought is a tad nerve racking, but all in all I will love to share my experiences with those who wish to study abroad or those who simply want to learn more about the incredible world around us. I cannot wait to share my first vlog with all of you! See you soon! dinosaur games new.
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      Hi I’m Hannah and I’m 16 years old I go to school in Lewes Delaware and I’m an11th grader and I play flute in marching and symphonic band


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