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Hello from Poland :)

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  • Hello from Poland :)

    Hi, Marcin here! I'm currently living in Poland, but i have in plans moving back to "European Jamaica".. also known as Netherlands I don't really know how to "move around" in forums/sites like that, since it is my first time with something like this, so yeeah.. - i created an account about year ago, and didn't do much, but things changed. I would love to learn some Dutch, in exchange i could teach you polish, but non-dutch speakers are welcome anyway, even if u don't want to learn Polish, and want just to chit-chat about some stuff.
    Anything more? Emm.. i don't know, i guess this is it.

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    Seems like everyone in Poland knows a guy called Marcin. I haven't met many Poles, but 70% were Marcins.


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      Well, Marcin is a common name, but actually not that common as you would think, as i checked wiki and it's not even in "top10", so you had weird luck with Marcin's i guess.