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How important is physical appearance to you?

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  • Originally posted by murcat View Post
    Even a handsome guy may seem ugly
    Tall handsome guy is always cool no matter what. Same goes with tall pretty girls.


    • I'm not nuts about appearance. I'm rather nuts about neatness. I personally take care of my appearance to keep my skin fresh. Ever month I go to the spa for facials. It feels good to take care of yourself.


      • Physical appearance is not super important to me. If she looks cute, it's good : ) But it doesn't matter to me how cute a girl is if she acts like a bitch.
        So to me, personality and behavior is much more important.


        • You treat a bitch like a bitch and a lady like a lady, that's the whole philosophy. A bitch runs always straight in an open knife if you put one in her way, I can give you a guarantee for that.


          • In western societies the look is not important, and there is no standard for beauty.

            While in some barbaric societies such as; middle-east and some east asians, look is more important than anything.

            It has been proven that a white man with nice figure and dress is free to have sex with nearly 50% of Korean girls from the first time they meet, and the other 50% would need it after few meetings.
            Plastic surgery has become almost compulsory in Korea. and if a girl weigh more than 55kg she will be highly discriminated and no company will hire her.

            In middle-eastern countries people must buy the most expensive clothes and perfumes, if not they will bullied.

            These two barbaric cultures lead to catastrophic ends, whereby middle-east has become no.1 weapons consumers due to civil war.
            And Korea has become no.1 in suicide rate in the OECD.