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So, why not also with love?

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  • So, why not also with love?

    Grettings to you all.
    Recently I joined to this website, thinking in learning and practicing languages.
    When I realized and this can be also a website to find the soulmate I started to think: "Is it possible?".
    Then I remember that through the Internet I've made very good friends and even I've met some of them. Those friendships have been even better than the ones that I had in real life.
    So, why not also with love? I think is a matter of being sincere and trusting that something wonderful can happen. I know that there are many fake people (profiles) on social nets and not everybody who claims to be a friend is it for real but I also know (by my own experience) that wonderful people can be found in website like this

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    Brother Gonzales. hello ) i try to find the soul mate. but not yet. i think first we have to reach the point that feel survivo alone. i mean life is complex and you can not control it. but we can control ourselfs. our wild instinct. that makes us human. life teach us some lessons. and the love is the one of the part of these lessons. if you are searching it on my experiences you cant find it. just you need to live your life. do what you need to do and if your way encounter with another there will be something more than friendship i think. if you are thinking always where is my soul friend it will not come. there are lots of things on the earth to do. if you are really search the '' soul mate '' it means sense. soul is not a material thing. so it needs labor. love is a chemical reaction on our brains. our minds give some chemical hormons when we like him/her. but the real love with soul must be much more than this. care,labor,respect,being 1 in 2 bodies ... not be selfish. so yes it is possible but hard as living the life ) just i need to learn how to not think to wait her but yes i must learn. i know it. so thanks for sharing this topic. i hope my english is enough to tell something about this topic. take care bro.


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      By all means go ahead, I don't see an issue with it. I think the main reason a lot of people here seem to look down upon it is because so many are dishonest about their intent which results in a lot of people getting courted by random strangers after trying to strike up an innocent conversation.