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What do U think about Long Distance Relationship?

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  • What do U think about Long Distance Relationship?

    There's an Italian here??
    I want to ask about Italian boys,, how their personality?
    Are they honest?

    By the way,, I have a relationship with Italian.
    I'm a serious person..
    When the first time we I don't loving him.. I just like to friend with him also I can't move from my ex when he said wanna be my bf. I can't remember how year we have a relationship... And then a few month ago we don't have communication more.. But we not broke up. So I removed all about him from my phone except on Facebook. And suddenly I missed about him when I saw him on Facebook. I always waited a news from him but he never sent me. I can't hide my feeling so I was sent a message for him.. And he replied me.. I said all about my feeling and I said to him that I love him.. I want to be honest. Because I'm a serious person so I don't like if he just replied my message with the short word. I always asked to my self,, why he like that? Why he not like yesterday ? Is it because he was on his vacation? Or he not love me again?

    Until now we still have a contact but,, I always waiting a word "I love U" from him. I never hearing tat word again until now..

    How about your opinion about him?
    Is he not loving me again? T_T

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    If you tell someone that you love them, and they don't say it back, they don't love you.


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      Really?? But when I asked if he love me and he said yes? What his mean?


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        Originally posted by purple08 View Post
        Really?? But when I asked if he love me and he said yes? What his mean?

        Did he say it or did he not? You said in the original post "I always waiting a word "I love U" from him. "
        Your way of writing is confusing.

        I don't see anything here that would be a relationship. He told you he wanted to be your boyfriend, you told him no as you were getting over an ex, you were then just friends, you lost contact, you then contacted him to say you love him and he hasn't said it back. Where or when was the relationship?
        It sounds like he was at one time interested in something from you (relationship? nudes? who knows), but you just wanted to be friends and he has now lost interest.


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          Some advices regarding LDR (or any relationship, really):
          1) don't be desperate to have someone loves you.
          2) don't just keep guessing (does he love me?) and assuming (if he does this and that, it means he loves me).
          3) take it slow but sure.
          4) know each other expectations in the relationship.
          5) be prepared to compromise, including about where you two will live together (if you ever reach that phase), religion (do NOT force your partner to convert to your religion and vice versa), different tradition/culture/views and etc.
          6) save up. LDR can be expensive.

          From your post though, I don't think he loves you. Sorry, but if you typed the whole message confessing your feelings and his reply was short and seemed uninterested, it was​ practically a big neon sign that he doesn't feel the same.


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            By the way my English is not good yet.. So I can't explain with the good sentence but your opinion giving me the way..
            Well.. Thanks for your opinions friends... Now I got the answer... Thank you loony-moonchild CaptionThis


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              Long distance relationships can be quite complicated in many ways. Obviously seeing each other quite rarely can be a problem, but sometimes having some free time and personal space is a good thing. But all in all, it always depends on the persons in question. I think its not fair to judge whether long distance relationships will or will not work in general, it always depends on the pair itself. I had one long distance relationship. It didnt work out in the end, but we had a great time for couple of years. It didnt work out, but in our case, it being a long term relationship wasnt the factor of it not working in the end. It was just not us being fit for being together. Wasnt "meant to be" so to say


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                I may be a little bit sceptic about long distance relationships but it doesn't sound like a relationship at all to me. Also, saying he's Italian won't say much, there are millions of Italians and they are not all the same.


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                  LDR mostly not end up well... all I can say about this topic ...


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                    i belive if two person love each other they can find eag other and distance cant stop them but if it be one-sided love you can do anything about that