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Why are we choosing wrong partners?

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  • Why are we choosing wrong partners?

    Interesting topic to discuss and to exercise english? I'm one of them... always choosing wrong partner
    Please read an article... full article on link below
    "The search for a soul mate is one of the imperatives of our times. It is equally important as the social status or successful career. But , most of the people search for their soul mates at the wrong place, being next to those who are in a way toxic , but are always there. As the time goes by, both men and women are getting used to the fact that they are being attracted by the wrong people, but psychotherapist, Dr Zoran Milivojevic says that this doesn't have to last forever..."
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    Because people look for the type of partner they think they want, but not necessarily one that they need or good for them.


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      Because love makes blind.
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