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20's but feeling old? No friends? You might be suffering of "authentic personality".

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  • 20's but feeling old? No friends? You might be suffering of "authentic personality".

    20 something and yet we feel old? Are you having thoughts like "I'm a good person and I know everything there is about Game Of Thrones, yet I don't have friends"? Is Deadpool your favorite romantic movie? Do you still think there's an illuminati conspiracy in like... EVERYTHING?You might be suffering of "authentic personality". WARNING: It can lead you to having few to no friends, or having a FREAKING AWESOME life, with the best company and coolest person in the world.... YOU.

    I found in Quora:
    So I believe, that aging shouldn't be that bad. We should be ourselves and most importantly accept ourselves as we are wiser. I mean, if some persons don't want to befriend you because of your age, you sure don't need that kind of people in your life, right? Better be a little lonely but happy than having fake and prejudiced people around.
    Since we all have very short lives, we must grow acceptance and peace with ourselves.

    I have 25 and my "filter of friends" have left me with only 2 persons in my life (long distance relationships, though). The right ones so far. My "filter" have been my age, and that I believe in God yet I piss other christian people with logic questions, and lastly I have mild asperger, so unfortunately, in my university I'm being avoided. But, I'm a writer, musician and poet and somehow the loneliness and pain give me what I need to work on my craft. I also like to pratice Tai Chi no matter where I am because I decided to live in my own world and not to care what others think too much.

    How about you? How do you cope with your age, acceptance and loneliness? How do you make friends or what's been your "filter"?

    (By the way, english is not my native language. Sorry for my grammar mistakes. Corrections are welcome).
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    I have no friends ever . I always been alone but now i have Faith in islam . Aside from that i am almost 30 and never ever had a solid friendship most bonds i try to make got lost or weaken by my part time mistakes anyway i am doing better i am a sinner so its no preaching better left it to scholars but atleast you are doing better then me so heads up