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Does this guy like me?

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  • Does this guy like me?

    While he was saying something to me, I randomly furrowed my eyebrows, then he furrowed his eyebrows right after me. Then, after I relaxed my face, he relaxed his. If I were to tap my foot a certain way, he'd tap his the same way until I'd stop then he would stop too. Or if I were to fix my hair, he'd fix his a minute later. I also had my head tilted to show that I was listening to him and taking an interest in what he was saying. Soon after, he tilted his head to the side in the same direction, so both of our heads were tilted at the same time. Sometimes, he’d also use a few of the same words that I’d use whenever he’d talk to me. He breathes heavily whenever I’m near him. If he’s just standing there and I walk up to him to talk to him, he starts taking these deep breaths at first, then it’d go away later. One time, while he was talking to me about an interest of his, his voice got deeper than normal. During this, in the middle of a short sentence, he paused to take a deep breath and then he’d finish the rest of his sentence while he’d breathe out. My friend has also done other things that I’m not quite sure of. Like one time we were both sitting, facing each other in a room by ourselves. He was talking to me about politics. After he was done talking, he started staring at me and he tilted his head to the side while he was smiling and he crinkled his eyes for a second. He looked at me like this for about eight seconds. Then, he started talking again about some other random topic. He’s never looked at me like that before. He has also given me a hug once (we don’t hug often). But, I was sad about something and he invited me in with open arms. He placed his arms around my upper back. Our bodies were super close together, heads touching. I told him “thank you” and he nodded. Then, he pulled me in closer to him and hugged me tighter. I felt his hands slide down to my waist. He placed his head over my shoulder and I felt his chin near the back of my neck.Then, he placed his chin away from my neck and rested it over my shoulder and let out this deep sigh and held me for a little bit longer. After that, he released the hug by slowly letting go of my waist.
    This guy is married. I only see him as a friend and I have no intentions on doing anything. But I've just noticed some of these and I don’t know if he likes me or if this is just nothing?