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Is long distance relationship gonna end bad for everyone?

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  • Is long distance relationship gonna end bad for everyone?

    Not many have the guts to try this, less succeed.

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    I think nope..


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      I had the guts to try it. 15 years ago. I flew to the country of ukraine to meet this girl who was 28.

      it was SCARY, she had a 7 year old daughter.

      that was in july I flew back in November, and asked her to marry me.

      she game to the usa with a Fiencee visa.. we got married.

      That daughter is 21 now. And my wife and I have been married 14 years.

      So yep. its about GUTS, but its ALSO about money. its VERY Expensive.

      also now she filled out the paperwork to get her MOM here.. so I will have to support
      her mom until one of us dies!!!!

      So worry more about the money then the guts.

      Good luck. Try hard to find some one in your own country first.

      dr. Darrell of Michigan.


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        Well. If you want the LDR to succeed, you need to have one issue resolved: who will relocate? Who will leave everything for another person?
        For example I can easily relocate, cause I have nothing, except for my notebook and phone. So it does not matter where will I have nothing: here or in some other country


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          Long distance relationships are hard to maintain. If you're the type of person who craves intimacy with their partner, then it might not be good for you. Some can make it work though, and those people are lucky enough to do so.


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            i almost made it with my ex, he was moroccan, we dated for about almost 6 years and almost get married this year, but he left me without a logical reason last year, and i still can't move on until now. we loved each other so much. long distance relationship is about TRUST and a lots of love, there's a lot of sacrifices, a lot of investment in terms of feelings, money and TIME. choose your good partner who'll never abandon you.


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              I was in distance relationships twice. Unfortunatelly, we broke up. One of the main reasons of our breaking up is the absence of physical connection. Of course, sex isn't the main thing, but it's TOO hard not to feel your soulmate, his/her lips, his/her hands. Besides, people in distance relationships should trust each other, but sometimes you can't trust people, especially who isn't near you, because of smbd's background. Moreover it's complicated to support your connections because of work, for example, studiyng and so on. And time zones.. Ugh. These problems, as I think, are not so sharp when you're next to your partner.


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                Soulmates don't exist, deal with that.
                LDR is just the perfect tool for emotional abuser and scammer due its distance.

                There is a difference between online dating where you're looking for a partner for soon as possible personal contact and those weird world wide soulmate seekers that aren't something else than cat fishing specialists or complete fools.
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