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I am to build a small machine that has got to do with the environment. Ideas? :D

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  • I am to build a small machine that has got to do with the environment. Ideas? :D

    It's a project required for my undergraduate mechanical engineering studies. It's supposed to be feasible given only a student is designing it.

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    How about stirling engine?


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      Today I noticed there's a separate recycling scheme for solar panels. Wouldn't bother with removal from rooftops, but you would do well to visit an authorised recycling facility to witness photovoltaic panels are recovered for repair or re-use.

      Just remember to mention there are three categories of Solar Panels. The first was made of rooftop radiators coupled to a circular storage tank (I-R); second was overpriced PV roof panels, connected to the water storage system. Third is wafer thin PV panels which everyone now wants to buy, manufactured in India. As the project is about recycling, I'm guessing you're talking about reusing pv solar panels (ie: the second category).

      One final tip is to catch opinion early, from glass and aluminium manufacturers' chief scientists. Ask them what's happened already in your country and globally elsewhere? Was post-completion monitoring carried out (and where was that as it may or may not be relevant)? Good luck!
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        maybe one that cleans up trash in the ocean? I have seen a couple different kinds on facebook.

        or possibly one that helps dig holes so you can plant baby trees for reforestation.


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          a new and improved politician trap perhaps