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Nature can be destroy one day because of peole

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  • Nature can be destroy one day because of peole

    Nature is so beautiful.we all want that. but now that beauty starts to change. climate, rani system like so many things we have to see.Specially asian country like my country people are face very worm climate so many time.this all the problem start because of people. What do you think?

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    Global warming was never a man made problem. But we accelerated it. Every new year I spend in SL it gets warmer than the previous year. The corals are gone and the Turtles have stopped breeding male specimens ( my area of expertise ) And I honestly think we won't be able to slow down the rising temperatures. I honestly think it is too late to stop the human intervention but what can we do it come up with alternatives.


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      I agree, nature is struggling. However, humans have the technology to not only deduce the effect put to also reverse the effect. We just need to find the money and effort to make this happen. I am very interested in working with people from around the world to work on such efforts.


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        Thats right. My country like that. our rivers water decreased and lakes like that. People are doing wrong but when we understand this its to be late