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Croat war criminal brings justice by killing himself in court

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    Originally posted by BosphorusTaurus View Post
    Why running away from a question like a typical serbo-croat all the time? I'll ask it to idiot again who wants to evade question intentionally (consider statements of croat politicians about his death at the same time)

    Is he (a coward murderous croat) considered a ''hero'' by croats or not ?
    I'm not answering any questions until you manage to back up your overall rethoric ))
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    Why is it called a tourist season if we're not supposed to hunt them?


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      Originally posted by BosphorusTaurus View Post
      Maybe he had (past tense) more diplomas than a lying refugees like you, but not more than my diplomas.
      Totally amazing how many degrees are fake from Turkish universities - even supposedly good ones -

      Whether it is the toilet piece of paper degree of the president of Turkey:

      Or something like 34% of all PhD and Masters degrees from Turkey are simply plagiarised pieces of shit:

      In its study on the “quality of academic writing,” BEPAM examined 600 theses in total, including 470 master’s theses and 130 doctoral theses written between 2007 and 2016, daily Cumhuriyet reported. Some 477 of these theses were written in public universities, 123 were in private universities, 89 were written in English and 511 were written in Turkish. The researchers used the “Turnitin” plagiarism program and similarity index to examine the theses selected.

      The study revealed “heavy plagiarism” in 34 percent of the theses. The rate was 46 percent in private universities and 31 percent in public universities.

      Therefore, PhDs and other higher degrees from Turkish universities simply can't be trusted

      Given your inability to support your rhetoric regarding "Croat wars criminals" (or any other topic for that matter), it is therefore highly unlikely that you have undergone a genuine course of study and research leading to a higher degree which would have given you such skills. Even if you happened to have held a PhD or a Masters degree, it is most likely a plagiarised piece of shit.

      Therefore, we can laugh in your face about your claims of supposed "qualifications".