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Will Sweden be the first country to be destroyed by PC culture?

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    Originally posted by grgur View Post

    Oddly enough we have way less rapes than sweden as well
    At least, you know that BosphorusTaurus will never want to move there. Heck, he won't want to go there in any way.

    If someone wrote a booklet on how to become a ''christian shitty country' , they'd be a millionaire.
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      Originally posted by BosphorusTaurus View Post
      Possibly it is still less than racism going on in christian shitty countries such as croatia where rapist croatian generals held in high regard
      It's been explained in that thread as to why your claims can't be taken too seriously


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        Sweden it has to be remembered had an oppressive government up until the 1970s which amongst other things practised eugenics, I often wonder whether this over nice attitude to refugees and economic migrants is kind of an attempt to atone for that.

        If you are kind to someone it can foster trust and understanding, however if you are constantly over generous it does not take long before it breeds contempt. If you were to invite a homeless person into your house and tell them they can have room and board in exchange for doing all the house work, that may work; if you were to invite someone in, cook for them, clean for them, bathe them, give them the TV remote every night, they will hold you in contempt and take advantage of you.

        This is the problem with modern immigration in the west; welcoming people is OK, rolling out the red carpet for them means they will not respect the host country. We see/saw it here in the UK, until recently all government documents, including how to claim unemployment and other benefits were produced in over a hundred languages - and then people are surprised when people have been here for decades can't speak English.

        This is exactly what is happening in Sweden, for whatever reason the government decided that it wants to take in a huge number of people and then give them no incentive to integrate into society; this problem is exacerbated by another throwback to the hard socialist days of the 70s, the government control of the media - bad things happen and the government can tell the media not to report it.


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          Has the OP actually spent any time in Sweden to fully understand the situation there? Watching a bunch of Youtube videos or having a Swedish friend does not suffice.


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            Sweden has already been destroyed not only by the invaders who made Sweden become a well known place for rapes and even terror attacks but also by their own tolerance towards everything that is abnormal in nature. I have no idea what is going to happen in the future but I can only hope that insanities that are tolerated in Sweden will never become a norm in my country. That boys will be raised as boys, girls will be raised as girls, that 3rd wave stupid feminists will only be laughed at, that traditional will not be a synonym of wrong. I believe there are people in Sweden who are disgusted by all this too. Too much liberalism kill. There have to be boundaries that do not clash with common sense.

            In addition, I hope neither islam, nor islamic invaders will ever be welcome here as they were insanely welcomed in some Western European places which now suffer from the concequences of having taken those people in. Islam must remain in the Middle East.
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