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Another Mass shooting in the USA, Does anyone Care?

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    Originally posted by RogerCarmel View Post

    I wasn’t answering you! I was making a comment to Ameriguy99 and to the other Americans reading this thread.

    John in bkk wonders - like you - why kids are shooting in schools or why people decide to start shooting in shopping malls for no apparent reason. That’s the more important question...

    " For no apparent reason "... for the rest of it,schools malls,stadiums,rock concerts,,that's where the numbers of people are close together..
    For no apparent reason,,,for the moment ! IF we are looking inwards then the first thing which comes to mind is that these acts carnage are NOT spur of the moment they are carefully premeditated...Target areas are selected,scouted and a plan is made Predicating the acquisition and use of weapons which to ALL intents and purposes have been modified to provide a fire rate commensurate with fully automatic weapons like for example an assault rifle ...The weapon of choice Seems to be the ARmalite mod 15...So much for weapons..
    It is upon the American People to Find the reason/s and come to grips with them,no matter How hard it is to accept them and a lot I think stems from spare the rod,,spoil the child,they are americans indiscriminately mowing down other americans,,,to what aim , what purpose ? To make a statement ? what statement ?
    I sympathise with the bereaved but essentially this problem arose from the American modern way of life and only America can find the solution,may it be as painless as possible..


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      --- People do care, but nobody wants to change ---

      This mass shooting problem has been plaguing the US for far too long without any proper action or solution. There are many causes, and easy (way too easy !!) access to lethal weapon is one of them.

      My short term solution:

      - Let them keep their gun atm.

      - Tighten regulation on ammunition.
      + Does not allow the selling of ammunition in regular gun shop.
      + Ammunition distribution should be given back to the government such as ammo depots that belong to the army. Those depot will check on ammunition user background, register their purpose, amount of usage. User has the responsibility to return unused ammunition. Any false statement will be held accountable.

      - Old and new gun owner must attend annual classes to retain their gun permit (mental health checks, gun laws class, gun safety classes, etc )

      ( I does not think this will happen because the weapon/defense industry has huge influence in US politics. They would lobby against any changes like this)

      Long term solution: (this is the hardest part and took the longest time)

      - fix the butchered public educational system, which responsible for 87% of young american education (2013 figure).
      - implement mental healthcare for young student. (bullying is a serious problem in every school system).

      p/s: Since I does not quite get the American mentality on gun rights, those are just vague suggestion.


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        Apologies RogerCarmel.

        And John_in_bkk's point/question is a key reason I don't think American can or should give up guns. If they arm their authorities, many of which have been involved in shooting allegedly unarmed and innocent citizens, then those authorities need the public there to be armed to stop them going all trigger happy (which they are doing anyways, but that's due to stupidity).

        Although I think gun screening should be more thorough, I don't necessarily think that less people should obtain guns. In fact, I think that those checks should actually lead to support in other areas. For example, imagine the data and research that could be taken IF they collected information on the ages of young kids, the reasons why they may want a gun, if they feel they may be attacked, if they feel like they need to defend themselves from people at school or home or their area, if they've ever handled a gun before, etc. Actually, those sorts of questions would be just as useful for adults who want guns, as those issues could get support as well without having to impact them keeping a gun.

        I know this is very idealistic, and would take a lot of well thought out systems to work, but I feel like there's things that could be linked and helped. In the media they keep saying things like the secret services were tipped off before about a criminal, or that the FBI had known of the shooter beforehand being troubled, or that there were people who were suspicious of people who commit crimes later on, and I keep feeling that instead of trying to block one physical thing that COULD be abused, why not try to actually get to the motives and psychology of the people, and figure out effective- yet inexpensive ways to improve communities that way.

        But I feel like I'm talking way too vague about some impossible notion that no one will ever want to fund, look into, research, impliment, etc.


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          Originally posted by DrDarrell View Post
          They seem to only be killing people.
          Not just people, mind, but killing is, after all, what guns are for, and they do a good job at it. And, I should say, it's a bloody good thing they do.

          The fact is that some things need to be killed - for example, mass murderers, criminal gangsters, and terrorists. The use of guns to clean up such sub-human detritus is very much desirable (and would probably make for good sport or spectacle, come to think of it).

          That's to say nothing of animals that are variously delicious, decorative, dangerous or destructive.


          While I acknowledge that this view resembles some rather clichéd arguments, I think it is anyway worth mentioning that, with the problem of gun crime specifically (and, more broadly, of armed or violent crime in general), especially in the American context, there is a far stronger tie between certain types of people and crime than between guns and crime. These types of people should be the focus of any public policy solution, and if they are not to be permanently physically removed from society, then at least they must be stripped of the right to own weapons. But provided that a close eye is kept on those types of people with a tendency to cause problems (so that they cannot circumvent the restrictions placed upon them), I see no reason to interfere with other, less harmful types of people.


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            Originally posted by DrDarrell View Post

            Another 17 school children/teens died from Guns in the USA.

            Does anyone care?

            If you have a country of gun lovers, and its in your Constitution, then this is what you get?

            How do you guys feel about this? I think the time of Guns is over, and we have to all learn to get

            Please speak out, and let your voice be heard. Thank you.

            dr. Darrell of Michigan.

            it is absolutely sad events.But I watched a speech of American politician on tv. He talked about this events and he said "these kinds of things came true in only Usa" I think the problem is mentality of capitalism..there is overpermissiveness..the problem is limitless liberty.. your limitless liberty causes to destroy others' even right to lifes...this is bullshit

            Also I watched an American comedy serie..there was a weapons department in a mall that people bought weapons was unbelievable situation.. yes especially young people like weapons..and there are many maniac in every country.but people shouldnt reach weapons easily.

            And Trump's offer is absolutely brilliant.he is a genius

            sorry for my bad english
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              Another shooting that gun-loving ‘modern & civilized’ americans killing each other in masses just for fun.


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                Originally posted by BosphorusTaurus View Post
                Another shooting that gun-loving ‘modern & civilized’ americans killing each other in masses just for fun.
                what is your point ?
                if you cant even make a constructive post, then you better get lost.

                Put your personal hartred else where. Nobody needs it or you here.
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                  Originally posted by BosphorusTaurus View Post
                  Another shooting that gun-loving ‘modern & civilized’ americans killing each other in masses just for fun.
                  Americans sure have problems with psychopaths using guns but if we look at the Islamic world...Muslims killing each other just because they belong to different branches in Islam is what the world often hears about.


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                    Meh, guns aren't the problem in of themselves. There are countries that allow gun ownership and don't have such issues (like switzerland if I'm not mistaken) so americans themselves are the problem.


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                      Originally posted by BosphorusTaurus View Post
                      Another shooting that gun-loving ‘modern & civilized’ americans killing each other in masses just for fun.
                      Kind of reminds me how so many peaceful members of the "Religion of Peace". engage in mass murder of each other for the glory of Allah:

                      Then again, I guess a few Americans mass murdering each other is something of a "novelty" for you given that millions upon millions of Muslims murder each other - so much so that the daily suicide bombings Islamists of all shades perpetrate upon each other are no longer interesting - unless they kill a few hundred in one go...

                      Oh, here's The Turkish military engaging in the murder of civilians....

                      Yes, "Allahu Akbar" indeed.