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Sexual education in UK, ISSOU

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  • Sexual education in UK, ISSOU

    You are a boy at middleschool/highschool. You are going to fap in front of a pron...

    But you can't because your mom appears in your room and tells you that pron is not the reality, that pron is evil, sexist and oppressive toward women and that, instead, you should watch her getting fucked by daddy or to see daddy getting cucked or one of her friends

    "Nope nope nope Kevin, you're not going to fap on milf or on Kim Kardashian, you're going to fap on mum and her friends, we're real women"

    Of course, it's not sexist toward men, only toward women because men are privileged white males

    What do you think about their idea?
    If you were those poor students, what would you do? I think I'd like to suicide because I wouldn't like to watch my mom being such a shameless slut and my mates knowing about it
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    I suppose that's the effect of WHO standards in sexual education, that recommend teaching 4 y.o. children how to masturbate, etc


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      Ugh, I wonder if someone will film a porn parody of their attempt.