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Violence has no religion

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  • Violence has no religion

    Some idiots says that islam has theorism and Islam spreads violence

    Both Theorism and Violence is just an AİM. People put upon everything for this aim: it would be a religion, petrol, splitting countries. Like Greater middle east initiative.

    People WHO has no brrain says İslam kills people spreads violence(the basis for this is not islam.) but when they see genocide in Armenia or Israel they say : yes they have right to guard theri land like Brainless SUNA AND her brothers..

    I ask you Moron! how they came to Israel???

    If islam is the crux of the problem, I ask you morons why there are very good people in İslam? OLİVE OİL İS USEFULL BUT İF YOU KEEP İT STOCK İT WİLL BE LİKE A POİSON. YOU DİD İT. you made i poison.

    You became sad when you see sea dogs were killing in the poles and cry for them, but when you see people were killed UNDER COLOUR OF CHEMİCAL WEAPONS , UNDER COLUOUR OF BRİNGİGNG DEMOCRACY, UNDER COLOUR OF GURADİNG SO CALLED THEİR LANDS(?) ...



    when you see a student bmbed the school please don't hesisate to say that islam did it. he must be a muslim...

    Look at the history and find out which was the religions of, STALİN, LENİN, CHAUSHESKU, MAO, LEOPOLD 2, TOJO, NİCOLAS,...

    Yes, you can Show me also SADDAM, sheriff Hussein but this is also will Show your ignorance. they are Muslim just in the paper. their bad deeds made them non-Muslim....

    29.000 people killed in so called Arab spring. that was just a step of the Plan...

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    I will Show you the real plan...did you say Greater middle east initiative? no Moron, you can BUM AROUND on facebook, instagram, Tic Toc, film series etc. like stupid Turkish youth...they are more stupid because they don't know the real plan on their country


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      I share QURAN verses , some morons says to me that I like violence...

      idiots, I havent't made anything to you! the verses whic you say that these are violence are just after this life. You don't believe in God so you don't believe Ressurrection and hereafter so there is no any harm to you

      By the way, every religions have rules and every religion especially people of book have the same punishments etc. so with this logis you would say the others also have violence


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        I dont blame all Christians for this. You???


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          I dont blame all Christians for this. You???


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            Do you have any sorrow for this, you son of B...?


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              Ahahahahahaha your sulking is delicious, you truly are the personification of an angry intolerant muzlum and your aggressiveness and violence is the true face of izlum

              I'm glad you post here so Western people can see you flood these forums with copy and paste verses no one ever reads straight from the book of nonsense, post links no one ever click on and calls bad names and insults you say are forbidden in izlum when you are laughed at and no one here converts to your death cult

              Second time around for you after lying about not posting any more and then crawling back here on your belly to preach more, now we have same behavior, step one you name calling, check, step two an angry rant thread about izlum is not a violent death cult and the evil West, check, next step you tell you are never posting any more (again) and delete you account (again)

              I'll get in now before you go (again) bye bye loserwini, you won't be missed


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                Look he is thinking Iranian people

                What a good mercy. Son of a bitch


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                  Originally posted by Lewini View Post
                  Violence has no religion
                  tell this the pregnant woman who got killed according to Quran verse 4:15
                  "As for those of your women who are guilty of lewdness, call to witness four of you against them. And if they testify (to the truth of the allegation) then confine them to the houses until death take them or (until) Allah appoint for them a way (through new legislation)."

                  ...I guess, there were quickly to find four male witnesses for a pregnancy out of wedlock in this example of a Turkish girl:

                  Originally posted by Suna123 View Post
                  Testimony of Leaving Islam

                  My name is Yagmur (it means "rain"). I was born in a rural Turkish village.....


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                    Have you ever blamed this killer country? No .. because you have no brain .

                    Hooray there is hell for tyrants and who couldn't blame it.

                    Paradise is not cheap and neither the hell is unnecessary


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                      The title of the OP is completely correct. Violence has no religion!

                      Islam is violent at its core. But then again, Islam is not a religion - Islam is a cult.


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                        Originally posted by Lewini View Post
                        Have you ever blamed this killer country? No .. because you have no brain .

                        Hooray there is hell for tyrants and who couldn't blame it.

                        Paradise is not cheap and neither the hell is unnecessary
                        You either mean the US or Israel. Yes, I have them criticized both when appropriate. The same way I criticize my own country for the bad things.

                        Now, will you ever be able to criticize the killing of pregnant women according to Quran verse 4:15 ????
                        No - because there is neither love nor merci in your "religion"
                        It is you who has neither a heart nor a brain.

                        This is something father Ibrahim also noticed. A former Muslim from West Africa now Christian Reverend in South Africa:

                        Growing up I attended Madrasa and Circular Schools simultaneously in Accra, Ghana. At the time I had so many questions when I compared my Islamic teachers attitude to my Circular teachers attitude.
                        In Madrasa, there was so much anger, unforgiveness, revenge, hostility and compulsion. On the other hand my Circular School teachers demonstrated love, kindness, compassion and gentleness. I found out that Muslims have the same attitude wherever I go as I traveled extensively around West Africa.
                        I moved to Amsterdam in 1980 and then relocated to America in 1982. I noticed similar trend in Muslims and on the other hand the same loving, caring and compassion among Christiansin the West. In America, I started using drugs, ended up homeless in 1996.
                        I was in a homeless shelter in Houston, Texas. I heard sermons about the power of Jesus to save and give life, and life eternal, that was what I wanted, so I made a decision to give my life to Him. I accepted Jesus, studied the Word, went to Seminary and now am an Ordained Reverend living in South Africa and doing the work of ministry.
                        The reason why I am in South Africa is my family started persecuting me, so I had to leave my home. I can honestly say, Jesus has delivered me from darkness and I have peace and hope today and my worst time with Jesus is better than my best time without Him.

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                          Originally posted by Lewini View Post

                          I dont blame all Christians for this. You???
                          Really nobody cares.
                          Just look at percentage of Islam believers in different countries and amount of terror attacks in last decade. If you don't see any correlation here then you're naive.

                          I assure the violence against Islam has even still not really begun, but with every terror attack we come closer and closer to this particular threshold where western societies accept unlimited violence against Islam believers. Islam can't reform itself because its own violent way is graved in stone, hence is an unlimited confrontation unavoidable.


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                            The great majority of mainstream Christians—that would be Catholics, Protestants and Eastern Orthodox, and even more than 20 percent, now, of the 100 million evangelicals—are rooted in a 2,000-year orthodoxy that was quantified during the creedal debates of the third century. It’s not just religion we’re talking about. It’s not just creedal material we’re talking about. We’re talking about social justice.
                            On the other hand, Zionism, both Jewish and Christian, is rooted theologically in a 19th and early 20th century minority belief.(lewini: see what they did to the gospel and pure christianity throughout the history)
                            In it, the Bible predicts seven dispensations of history—a real stretch to do this kind of cherry-picking—moving us toward the return of all Jews to Palestine—or, more appropriately, Jews to all of Palestine—in order to hasten the day of the end times.
                            You may have noticed recently there have been some predictions about when it was coming, and I hope you got your stuff stored away. It’s been popularized by the Left Behind fictional series. This view purports Christians suddenly disappear, presumably to heaven. A final apocalyptic war, Armageddon, occurs against the evil anti-Christ, and a thousand-year peaceful reign of the Messiah begins. Everyone is judged as to their faithfulness to God’s plan—but, ironically, two-thirds of all Jews are killed and the rest become Christians.
                            The millennial reign, according to Zionists, began with 1948 and 1967. Zionism becomes dangerous when it aligns with empire and ethnic religious nationalism. Ethical guidance takes a backseat, especially with exceptionalism. This highly imaginative view is considered heresy in most of the theological circles. It’s no longer widely embraced by evangelicals, certainly not by rabbinic Jews or by main-denomination Christians, unless it’s without thought, without really knowing the issues. That’s where our responsibility comes in. Even Billy Graham said he was agnostic about the end times when he declared it will all pan out in the end.
                            But silence in the mainstream church has allowed Palestine to be defined by Zionists. It is the basis of Christian Zionism, about which a straightforward definition is offered by Dr. Don Wagner—a Presbyterian, a former Zionist himself—when he states it is a movement within Protestant, now Catholic, fundamentalism that understands the modern state of Israel as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy and thus deserving of political, financial and religious support.




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                              You have the power to kill this innocent people, isn't it?

                              Did you say violence?(Morons club( Brainless Fredidieaussieinbg,suna,hades, roger...)
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