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  • Originally posted by dmitri11 View Post
    Evolution did not lead the gods out of the French.
    The guard in your photo is English. French guards don’t wear bearskin hats and their uniforms are royal blue...


    • Open your eyes...Find the truth.

      What is this world? This is our question.


      if the science of medicine was to be asked: "What is the universe?", it would be bound to reply: "It is an exceedingly orderly and perfect vast pharmacy. All remedies are prepared and stored up in it in the best way."
      And if the science of chemistry was asked: "What is the earth?", it would reply: "It is a perfectly ordered chemist's shop."
      While the science of engineering would reply: "It is totally faultless, perfect factory."
      And the science of agriculture would reply: "It is an infinitely productive, regular and well-ordered field and garden which produces all kinds of seeds at the required time."
      The science of commerce would reply: "It is an extremely well-set-out exhibition, orderly market, and shop stocked with most artistic wares."
      The science of economics would reply: "It is an exceedingly well-ordered warehouse containing every sort and kind of food."
      The science of dietetics would reply: "It is a dominical kitchen and cauldron of the Most Merciful in which is cooked in most regular fashion hundreds of thousands of the most delicious foods."
      The science of soldiering would reply: "The earth is a military camp. Although there are four hundred thousand different nations in that army in the spring, newly taken under arms with their tents pitched on the face of the earth, they are given their rations, uniforms, weapons, training, and discharges, which are all different for each nation, in perfect order, with no confusion and none being forgotten, through the command, power, compassion of a single Commander-in-Chief, from His treasury; they are all administered in the most regular fashion."
      Flashes - 407


      • What is the universe ? Eating , drinking? Having sex? Animals do all of these better than you.

        First you have to understand what is the universe.

        And if the science of electricity was to be asked: "What is this world?", it would certainly reply: "The roof of this magnificent palace of the universe has been adorned with innumerable orderly and balanced electric lamps. However, the order and balance are so wondrous that foremost the sun, and those heavenly lamps, which are a thousand times larger than the earth, do not spoil their balance, although they burn continuously; they do not explode or burst into flames. Their expenditure is endless, so where do their income and fuel and combustible material come from? Why are they not exhausted? Why is the balance not spoilt with their burning? A small lamp goes out if it is not tended regularly. See the wisdom and power of the All-Wise One of Glory, Who makes the sun, which according to astronomy is a million times larger than the earth and a million years older, {(*): You can reckon just how much wood, coal, and oil would be necessary for the stove or lamp of the sun, which heats the palace of the world. According to the reckoning of astronomy, for it to burn every day, piles of wood equal to a million earths and thousands of oceans of oil would be necessary. Now think! And say: "Glory be to God! What wonders God has willed! Blessed be God!" to the number of the sun's particles in the face of the majesty, wisdom, and power of the All-Powerful One of Glory, Who makes it give light continuously without firewood or oil.} burn without coal or oil, without being extinguished; say: 'All Glory be to God!' Say: 'What wonders God has willed! Blessed be God! There is no god but He!' to the number of seconds of the sun's existence.


        • Still copy and pasting worthless crap from that complete halfwit nursi I see loserwhiney think for yourself boy think for yourself