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  • About Life and beyond...

    I would love to discuss with people (Do not care who, so don't be timid) about Life and Death, or just discuss some kind of topic that could be "weird" for "normal" people (Mysticism, thoughts on Death, what lies beyond for us, dark aspects of life, etc!)

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      There is nothing.
      Your body get recycled and your program becomes deleted. Your life, you consciousness, your joy and pain is temporary like everything in this universe.
      The only thing that remains are your kids, a living continuation of your DNA that has been modified with DNA of other person(s).
      If you don't have them.... well... bad luck.


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        I don't know about mysticism, but Life is but one chance, a gift that one shouldn't take lightly to accomplish his purposes, Death is simply the end of life, I don't believe that people get reborn after death, but they get asked for their action in life, whether they were good as they are supposed to be, or bad as they shouldn't be.


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          Hell is what you can have when you are still alive.

          When you are dead, then there is absolutely nothing at all afterwards. Rather like falling asleep or going under general anaesthesia,

          The only real fear to have about death is the pain at the end and the hurt you might leave behind. For the egotistical among us, there is also the hurting ego issues at the end about how the world will be far worse for their passing...


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            Originally posted by aussieinbg View Post

            When you are dead, then there is absolutely nothing at all afterwards...

            Nothing can be invented out of nothing. There is some truth behind any human idea, any belief. Of course their accurateness can be questioned in many cases but nothing is absolutely false. There is only Truth and numerous degrees of its distortion