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the inhumanity in Islam !

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  • the inhumanity in Islam !

    Hey again ! we always hear Muslims keep telling about how much Islam is awesome and religion of peace and humanity and so on...
    I'm here to tell you some beautiful things about it as an ex Muslim....
    I could start with what called in Islam in Arabic ( milk el yamin )
    check the link below and let's debate this issue...

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    the article begins the review about slavery in early passages scholarly and make a sharp turn reviewing obscenity eventually.


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      Slavery was common in all ancient cultures and civilizations. Arabs practiced slavery before Islam and they kept doing that after it so slavery in Islam was more related to Arab culture than Islam. All nations enslaved each other. Islam didn't forbid it but it supported freedom of slaves and it gave them rights like in the story of Bilal. Islam left the question of forbidding it to Muslim scholars to see what is suitable to the conditions of their society and time. Slavery was good in a period of time and was the base of economy but now it is not good so maybe in future it will be good and humans come to enslave each other again.

      The story of Bilal

      There was a whole Islamic caliphate that was created by Slaves ( Mamluks ) and it was one of the powerful caliphates that defeated the crusades and Mongols at once so slaves in Islam had the right to be kings and rule caliphates while in America before 50 years they didn't even have right to sit in a bus

      Baybars, the slave who became a Muslim king and defeated the crusades and Mongols.

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        Lol, well by your own logic slavery was good in colonial period as well because it was good for economy.

        filthy hypocritical apologism, In my country there were prohibitions of slavery dating back to 1416. in Dubrovnik


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          yes , you should call them as awesome religion , peace or another bullshit
          otherwise they will kill you