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"DNS Probe Finished No Internet" In Chrome Help Please

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  • "DNS Probe Finished No Internet" In Chrome Help Please

    Every single time I try and use Google Chrome on Windows 7 to get on the internet I get the above message.
    Google have been no help at all.
    Have tried flushing my dns but it still happens every 10-15 minutes or so.
    Does anyone have any advice as to stop this or shall I just bin the pc and send the bill for a replacement to Google?

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    Here are 2 links for common solutions to this problem:

    Is it only Chrome that is having trouble accessing internet? Or is it all browsers?


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      Thanks, I appreciate your help.
      I've already tried alll those solutions though.
      Google have been no help at all and have ignored every communication I sent them.


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        Sounds like a virus issue. Have you scanned the system?


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          Solution to DNS_Finished_No_Internet is very easy and simple to apply:
          Solution 1:
          Open Command Prompt with Administrator Permission and enter command:
          netsh winsock reset
          And restart your PC, it must solve this issue in your device...
          If it is solving then apply solution 2....

          Solution 2:
          Update latest drivers of Network Adapter...
          This must solve dns probe finished error in your device...
          If this is not solving then you can refer to below reference...


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            Use Linux - generally far fewer problems overall.


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              Other browsers work well? Check the settings, perhaps proxy or something is on. After all you always can reinstall the browser.


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                Many porn sites infect the browser and OS. You got any good ( ... and unpaid) porn sites??? (joke)


                I use the good browser. It allows to solve one of the problems associated with locks.
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                  sometimes are automatic configured DNS server of your Internet Service Provider overloaded or out of function. You can change the auto DNS function manually into (Google DNS server) or another else.
                  You have to set it in your WAN option inisde your router.

                  In some countries the DNS server of your provider doesn't resolve the names of particular websites....(censorship)

                  Here a list to avoid that.


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                    You can fix it with many ways, I am sharing one of popular way which done by CMD, Let follow me..
                    • ipconfig /release
                    • ipconfig /all
                    • ipconfig /flushdns
                    • ipconfig /renew
                    • netsh int ip set DNS
                    • netshwinsock reset
                    Hope using this way you will get rid on it, If facing still same issue then more then try other 9 ways to fix,

                    A guide bout How to fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error in google chrome browser & android mobile phone let follow DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET.