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  • SEO on my own

    How to do it? Do you know some good tools and software? I would also like to read some literature and watch videos on it. Share all you have

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    you created your own website?


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      [QUOTE=Jimenezv;n3008131]How to do it?/QUOTE]

      That's like asking "How do I invest the royalties from the book I'm going to write next year"

      Create quality content. Share it on a few popular sites. You are now optimized.


      • #4 Having a slow website will affect your ranking on google SEO. Why not optimize it now?


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          Can add some paractices i do:
          1. Google likes long pages (1000-1500 words)
          2. Content should be structured well, embed videos, custom images, statistics and funny relevant stuff, mathaphors, infographics, etc. I use mostly Pictochart (infographics) and Infogram to visualize stats.
          3. Search for the low capacity and long tail keywords in Ahrefs. Write texts with them. Include the main kw in H1, +3 keywords in 3 subheadings, make them look natural. Include CTA.
          4. Write meta title and meta description with a main keyword in them. Title shouldn't be more than 60 characters. Description - no more than 155.
          5.Include some more LSI keywords. They help the crawlers understand the relevancy of your content better. Take synonims from theasarus of your main keyword, there are different names for the same notion and bla bla bla so just do it.
          6. Provide the links to teputable sources.
          7. Make the interlinking for you other posts that could be related.
          8. U can also optimize with pics from 'flaticon'. Name the pic by the keyword so they will also be visible in Google image search.
          9. Do not overoptimize, the density should not exceed 5% for 1000 words.
          10. Go promote it on qoura or topic-related communities and forums.

          Oh, forgot you can also use pingbacks in text. Link some cool site or blog on your page and it will ping you back. I usually find 2-3 of them. Like thethesiswhisperer pinged me back and the traffic was prrtty much cool. Though it's had to find a good relevant source to ping it. But if you find the right it:s worth it. Good luck!