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How to free up storage space on your Mac?

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  • How to free up storage space on your Mac?

    Guys, how to speed up my Mac?

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    Originally posted by Flesat View Post
    Guys, how to speed up my Mac?

    When it comes to storage, there are items you know about like photos, videos etc. And other hidden entities like logs, cache files. You should regularly delete files in the Downloads folder. Also, you can use mac disk cleanup. After these steps your Mac has to be faster.


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      Start with throwing it out, then buy a windows PC.


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        You can contact the service center and ask to clean your computer. I know that they are engaged in more complex cases. It seems to me that in such cases it is necessary to turn to professionals. I tried many times to fix my gadgets myself, but every time I had problems. A couple of times I downloaded programs with viruses. Once I corrupted the system files and lost all the information. I appeal only to professionals now.


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          speeding your mac and freeing space are two different things, - need more space to store your files( photos, videos...) there are different external storage options... .I know that iCloud gives message space is full and it s because your photos and video and personal files go to 5 Gb of free storage, you have 2 options stop using it or you can upgrade to 50Gb for about 1.2$ CAN / month! it s service from apple ! about speed must Mac run smoother on 8 Gb . hope that was helpful !


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            Storing photos in a hard drive offline (e.g. Hitachi 326Gb etc) avoids penalty charges for exceeding i-Cloud limits. 5Gb is nothing if you're storing your photos in the JPEG fine format demanded from professional photographers by Shutterstock and Alamy etc Ergo: move all your photos off your PC (but back them up!).

            BTW: Use separate remote hard drives. Don't mix up Windows and Mac formats (like my son did. Dow!).
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              First, get rid of Macos. Then design a minimalist Linux distro from Arch Linux


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                Look4swissmiss: Linux supports NTFS natively, and you can get support on windows for ext3/4 fs with a 3rd party driver. What remote drives are you talking about? Cloud or external drives? Filesystem is transparent to cloud storage since the server OS is dealing with it. PS just clean up all of your garbage files, or install a second drive. Use an optibay if needed.


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                  any HDD + USB to SATA (IDE) converter

                  or USB HDD (ready device)

                  You'll need this anyway to save your data. Always make a backup.

                  If your computer is out of date. Upgrade (replacement of RAM, microprocessor or system board) is old business, the cost of personal computers is low. Buy a new PC. (but don't get rid of the old PC and the OS!)

                  If your computer is infected. Save your data. Reinstall the OS and applications. Since you did not backup. Do not use the antivirus program to repair the OS. It is not a backup system program. Antivirus (resident) can only block the infection (to prevent).

                  If there are software conflicts. Remove unused applications (as well as drivers, antivirus). If that doesn't help, reinstall the OS.
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