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  • Wordpress

    Hi all,

    I went ahead and took the plunge and bought a domain name along with a website to call my own. I was wondering if there are any other Wordpress geeks/gurus that I could ask various questions or novices like me who want to know more.

    And I won't give out the URL publicly until I reconfigure it to be mine instead of stock images/text.

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    I used a free theme. I forgot its name now, but it seems okay. I haven't finished putting it all together as I have been looking at other sites to see how they work so i can use their ideas.

    Eventually, I will probably modify the theme and create my own. One of my main reasons for getting a domain, hosting, etc was to learn. Php/HTML don't seem that difficult but those too will take time. How much time per week do you spend on the backend of the web?


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      Use better "brainattack" or "brainstorm". Free the words.


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        Free the words? Are they being held Adobe Captivate?


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          Hi there! There`s a page "Shares" on the Site, I would like to know if there is a plugin through which you can publish records or other share posts, which, after overcoming a specified time, wrote, "Share is over!" will there be a conflict in working with stocks? I read somewhere that could happen.


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            i can work with wordpress websites))