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  • Mars colonization

    Have anyone read about Mars One? It started a couple of years ago (I think), and doesn't seem like have a good progress. But aside from Mars One, there are other project/organization who have a vision to colonize mars.

    What do you think about it?

    If it's possible, would you like to become part of it?

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    It would be far, far easier to colonize the Moon. Even easier to colonize low Earth orbit.

    Colonizing low Earth orbit is the likely next step. It's not as romantic as the Moon or Mars but it is the most likely to happen...

    ...but it's pie in the sky at this point in time, the stuff for dreamers and science-fiction writers.


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      There are some important points to take in consideration before going on Mars as a colon like, for example :

      - Your ticket is a 1 way ticket, it's not possible to come back on Earth, at least not now.
      - It's not as safe as taking the plane
      - No internet, if you want to speak to someon on earth it need 8minutes if I remember right.

      There are plenty of reasons that would make you think twice before going to Mars, I think it's mostly for people who have nothing to lose on Earth, a little bit like for the people who left Europe in the past, but in even stronger since coming back will be difficult even if it was difficult (the difference of gravity is one of the main reason).


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        Very weak magnetic field of Mars makes the planet in long run inhabitable. Even if through terraforming and molting of CO2 and H2O in Mars' pol caps ice, the atmosphere would become more pressure and temperature. The lack of magnet field would make this place to microwave oven. Sun particles and cosmic radiation wouldn't allow a life on surface like on earth.
        Mars has probably an iron core like earth but it's smaller and it doesn't turn like the one of earth what causes a dynamo effect thus strong megnetfields.

        Maybe one day is humanity able to bring a lot of energy into core of Mars and terraform this planet but certainly not in next 100 years. Dreams about colonization of other planets won't save humanity. Earth is the only one planet that we have at the moment and it will remain so in next several hundred years. As far as we survive the destruction of earth's eco-system due overpopulation.


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          Outside the reasons stated above, costs to much and doesnt make a shortterm profit............maybe if all the worldpowers(country s) did it together, but why not the moon first?

          Also we cant even manage the current one.

          But i wouldent mind going on a one way trip, specially at this point/age in my