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Any geologists or earth scientists here?

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  • Any geologists or earth scientists here?

    Just wanna know your take on the issue that the Earth's core cannot/should not technically exist.

    So guys, what do u think?

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    Why do you think it shouldn't exist ? How should it be ?


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      Oh no, I personally think it exists. I just read this one and I suddenly wanted to know the thoughts of those in the field.


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        Well, I'm not scientist myself but it look like an exageration made by the website...
        From the links in the articles they gave, it seems the scientists are more questionning the ideas we had untill now, and ask to the scientific community if they forgot something and if not, how comes the inner core got there.
        However, it's clear that the inner core exists according to them, it's specified in the study : "Each has caveats, yet the inner core exists: this is the nucleation paradox."

        Anyway, the new is very exciting and interesting, I hope to read more about withing the next months.


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          I got a bachelors on Geophysics. The idea that the Earth has a core comes from the way seismic waves travel through it (at different speeds than what'd they travel if there wasn't a core) and get measured by seismic stations around the world. Also, there are some kind of waves that can't travel through fluids (as the nickel core is hypothesized being due to extreme high pressure) which have been noticed its absence for waves that traveled through the core.
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