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How to make your Android smartphone's battery last longer?

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  • How to make your Android smartphone's battery last longer?

    How to boost the Android phone's battery life? Share your tips, please

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    Remove Facebook client for Android or iOS. You will free up a lot of memory besides saving battery power. (> 200 MB !) If you use FB client for a long time, it may take a cache of several GB! Use only the browser.
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      Try to deactivate all unnecessary idle connections, many apps have options for that.
      Never let the battery get empty. Lithium-cobalt batteries used in 99,9% of smartphones don't have the memory effect but can lose their efficiency after they have lost their energy. Especially if your phone is empty never let it without battery load over several days. Inside every 'Li-ion' battery a chip is preventing that voltage falls below critical level and even on multimeter the battery can show 0 volt, because chips cut off the power. However, even thought you phone shows battery is empty there is still 10-20% power in it. Control chips inside batteries need a little bit power as well, therefore without a full load they can consume over the time the remaining electrical power out of the cell. Without any power Li-ion batteries produce Hydrogen gas inside, most of those cells get round or look like a pillow, in this case they are irreparable damaged.


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        In February I got my new smartphone. Following simple advices that I'm going to say help me a lot to keep to use it for more than a week without recharging in my every charging period. Remove your applications that you frequently use for fun and remove other applications which waste your battery with their background processes. Also wait for the end of quite full charge before recharging your battery and shutdown it before recharges. Never discontinue the charging before your batter gets %100.

        by the way being an asocial may help you a lot either