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    Hie! Can anybody advise me good place to buy domain and host for simple site? I'm really interested in foreign experience to compare.

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    I hope that referenced links and adversiters will not come here and invade this thread

    There are thousands of hosting companies all around the world. I recommend you to firstly look for the ones in your country so you can get support in your native language and also payments could be more easy. If you wanna something specific you must give more information about what you need and want. Do you want to host your site on a VPS or a VDS or Is all you need a simple hosting plan? or are you looking for a off-shore hosting?

    Godaddy is one of the most famous global hosting firms. It's good to start for beginners.
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      I've been using NameCheap for years now, they're the best when it comes to cheap domain names (InterPals itself uses NC), they also have a good shared hosting plan but I prefer to set up a linux VPS for hosting (as cheap as 5$ per month)..


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        Wix.Com with drag-aand-drop from Tel Aviv