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Put more effort in virtual reality

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  • Put more effort in virtual reality

    1. Human nature (desire for exploration, greed, whatever).
    2. Natural resource limitation.
    3. Environmental issues.

    I think, if we got a virtual reality as advanced as Matrix had. We could just screw over the virtual world all we want, fulfill all our impulse right there, without harming anyone or anything. And of course, most people would not want to get out of that virtual world, to face the reality. So we need AI and robots to work for us while we play all day long.

    You don't need to fool anyone about the nature of the Matrix. It's even better if we got several option, single player? Multi player? Romance of Three Kingdom? Or maybe Final Fantasy? No? How about Call of Duty? What? The Sims? Are you kidding me? Geez, well whatever you want dude.

    And do it before it's too late. Imagine if in matrix, the movie, those human and AI, build the matrix when everything is still fine like ... yeah, at least like what we've got today. You still got trees and pandas. It's so silly that they create all those thing, when things already gone bad. Stupid AI.
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    You need ressources as well to make such universes in a virtual world. I dare to say that, in orer to fulfill all our wishes in a virtual reality, you would need several universes like ours to get enough ressources.


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      No thank you I prefer reality

      It's already bad enough