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How to identify a CyberStalker:

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    How to identify a CyberStalker:

    How to identify a CyberStalker:

    This thread, was created to help users here on Interpals, determine if a fellow IP member, is in fact a stalker, or an 'unfriendly user.' By definition, a stalker is:

    "Stalking is a form of mental assault, in which the perpetrator repeatedly, unwantedly, and disruptively breaks into the life-world of the victim, with whom [he] has no relationship (or no longer has), with motives that are directly or indirectly traceable to the affective sphere. Moreover, the separated acts that make up the intrusion cannot by themselves cause the mental abuse, but do taken together (cumulative effect)."
    If, you want to prevent detection from a stalker, here are some tips:
    Stalkers usually find their 'prey' via search engines, or chat, or forum boards - so, if you do not wish to have any risk of a stalker, these are the first places to 'hit it hard' to avoid detection, you can remove yourself from the search feature. (This, is a great thing, a friend of mine had a stalker, and removing herself from the search features stopped it from happening) The chat, can also be a place for you to be found by a stalker, but it is uncommon. Usually instead, you'll pick up a troll wanting to bother you a bit. Finally, the forums - it's not common that you'll pick up a stalker from our forums, but as same as the chat - it's possible to obtain a troll wanting to harass you a bit for what you may have posted or they see your presence on the forum by your multiple posts, and is attracted to you that way.

    Note: I say this to someone, who wants absolutely no chance of being stalked. If you wish to use our services, but prevent a stalker, i suggest you take the step to remove yourself from the search feature, and upgrade your security settings a little bit, (I.E. strangers can't read your wall, or people 50 years older to you can't comment to you.)

    Tips for identifying a stalker, based on their actions:[*]false accusations: The main goal of a stalker, is to get an emotional reaction out of you, or to upset you. The easiest way, is to fabricate lies and directly accuse you of them. Or, they may intentionally misunderstand something you've said, just for a reaction.[*]Trying to get information out of you: A suspect stalker, may try to get personal information about you, to try and get a story on you, to provoke a reaction: They may ask you if you have siblings, and later say that your sister is a whore, because they know you have siblings. OR, they may ask you these questions to try to get a hint on your password. If your screenname is "James007" and all you talk to them about is James Bond... There could be a possiblity that your password has something to do with James Bond.
    (Or in the real world of stalking, "getting to know you" is how they physically find you, or physically send you things)[*]Branching out - I've seen this one a few times before, a stalker will branch out and contact people on your wall, or friends list telling them lies about you, trying to get them to harass you, or not believe you. The best way to avoid this - know your friends. If they know you, and hear something about you that isn't typically something you'd do, there's a great chance they will believe you instead of the stalker.[*]False victimization - stalkers, may pretend to be the real victim, to either get attention, or to try and cover their real intentions, I've read many reports of spammers/scammers reporting real users, saying that they are being spammed, when the message history clearly shows it the other way around. As for this, there is nothing you can do to prevent it, other than telling/providing the truth.[*]Arranged meetings - this one, leans more to the real side of stalking, and our Nigerian scammer friends, they'll try to arrange a physical meeting with you, best thing to avoid this - use your brain, never try to meet someone you've talked with over the internet. It's common sense.

    Ways to avoid a stalker +1
    Don't give out personal information in your first emails... If someone sends you a message asking for your MSN/Yahoo?AIM screennames, talk to them in PMs a bit more, just to see if they only want your Instant Messaging screenname, a main reason they want this, is because we cannot monitor your conversations outside of this site, if they send you a PM saying they want to have sex with you... we can find it, but if it's on a messaging system, we sadly cannot confirm the violations - this happens all the time, there are reports of people saying they were asked for nude photos/sexual harassment.. But it was on a chat program, something we can't confirm
    - If you do give out your screennames, and are subject to a spammer, please provide a log of the conversations if you do report them.

    Don't be an ass, if a stalker talks to you and you flip out on them... chances are, they'll target you more often to see you 'break down' even after their account is deleted, they may come back and target you specifically. again and again.
    Not being an ass, ignoring them, is the best way to avoid being subject to their return.

    Don't respond to PM/Posts that are short like "hi" or our typical spammer friends, which you can find a thread in the general forum bursting with their messages. I have seen, some of our Nigerian scammer friends, get upset, because you indeed call them a scammer, while it's true... they'll still do it. If you are contacted by a scammer, please just report them.

    Hint's via their profile:[*]Stalkers, often don't have real photos of themselves, they'll either host no photos, or they'll have fake ones. Usually, partaking to a persona. Example, if their account says "MooseMan" they'll most likely have a few photos of moose, quite simple really.[*]Stalkers, often copy the profile of their victim, or in general. I assume this is because they aren't intelligent enough to come up with their own profile... But the real reason, is as above, a reaction - anger/being upset.. anything. Repeated posting on their wall "YOU COPIED MY PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!ONE!!!ONE" is exactly what they want.[*]Often (now-a-days) spammers/scammers/fakers/etc will say on their profile "This isn't scam" or "I'm not a fake!" a fine example is this:

    awwwwwwwwwww?ww!!!!someon?e idiot reported meee!!!and idiot moderators acted too fast lol

    im looking for hot females to have fun sometime
    anyone can talk to me except those who has no webcam or who wont open their cam for me
    your pics have no value for me till i see you on cam

    if you dont like dirty talk ,dont accept my friend request
    Pretty obvious right?[*]Look at their screenname, if it's something obvious, like a copy of your screenname, or someone elses.. or something redundant, there's a chance they are fake. We have a friend here, who keeps making "cam2cam" or "hotcam" profiles, but lately, he's just made random profiles without the usual name (The above quote, is from his profile)

    <center>The best advice I can give to you:</center>
    Use your brain - If someone sends you a message saying "hi" and two or three messages later of idle chit chat they ask for your MSN... think before you give it to them. Know the person your talking to on this site, before you give them personal information. If someone has a suspicious profile, block/ignore them.
    Set your privacy settings appropriately, if your 16, set it so that you can talk to people around your age - there are a lot of 'creepy old men' who talk only to minors.... There's a good place to start.
    If someone makes false accusations about you, either ignore them or straighten them out - don't undulge them with ones and capital letters and threats... Physics states "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" (unless acted on by a greater force.. which is us, the mod/admin of this site.)

    But to sum it up, think before you leap, if your not sure... ask someone. Please only report someone if you have proof, but other than that, it's always good to know who your friendly moderators are :lol:

    <hr>I'm leaving this topic open for discussion, if you have questions or suggestions - please post them here. By your asking a question, you might answer someone elses. If you have comments of grammatical or typos, please leave them to PMs to me, i know i often make spelling errors or grammatical errors.

    If you'd like to add something, something i've missed - feel free to post that as well.

    <center>If you want to be a ghost hunter, make sure you use the report system and log sufficiant information for any actions to be taken </center>


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      Thank you so much. I really think that this will help alot of the IP members that were not taught how to id these kind of people.


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        REALLY good post.. thanks.


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          This has really cleared up some points for me..thanks..i have found that most of the messages i recieve ask me in the first line "i want you msn or yahoo" even though i have said in my profile that i will not give that out until i feel comfortable chatting with someone first...


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            I think this is a cultural thing, because I never heard about anyone being stalked in Brasil... To be honnest, if this had been posted in a brazilian forum nobody would take it seriously... In portuguese there isnt even a term like "stalker".

            In what countries "stalking" happens? I'm curious...


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              this is about cyber-stalking. It happens on the internet, everywhere.


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                Actually, it happens rather often on the Internet.
                Thanks for posting those tips, I'm sure they'll be really useful to most of us.
                We have to stop those people from spoiling a fun and original way to meet people around the world.


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                  Re: How to identify a CyberStalker:

                  In addition to all the nice little suggestions that have already been made I would like to contribute to the following:

                  If you really want to remain as anonymous as possible and don't want to get stalked or even identified online you should also do the following:

                  First off, use TOR (google it, or better yet use TOR + Scroogle.. you don't really want Google to know what you are searching for do you?? ).. Surfing on the internet without something like TOR is like making love without protection..

                  I recommend get the Tor Browser Bundle if you are on Windoze.. Personally I would also add the firefox plugins called "noscript" and the adblock plugin with 'privacy' and 'easylist' lists added to block other tracking scripts and etc.. remember even with TOR your timezone on your machine still can be showing up on the sites you visit so switch also to a "random" timezone.. don't always use any timezone OTHER than your own timezone others that would generate suspicion and make you vulnerable to statistical analysis, therefore I recommend using a random number generator such as to pick your random timezone EACH time you are in a TOR session.

                  Also remember on Windows XP/Vista/7/etc your browsing tracks leave lots lots messy digital trails everywhere.. Therefore I recommend also to use TrueCrypt to encrypt your entire harddrive where Windoze is installed (pre-boot authentication) plus make a second hidden volume as "plausible denialability" incase the stalker/attacker comes to your house and forces you to put in a boot password, then all you have to do is type in the "decoy" password at bios bootup to boot to a "fake" os and system..

                  If you are using linux bootable live cd or some live distro that is better yet since no harddrive required as it will be all in RAM.. you will not need harddisk encrpytion but remember to physicall secure your ram after you are done and the machine is powered down all the way.

                  So once your computer is shutdown and turned off even NSA cannot crack the contents of your harddrive.. (though they can torture you to give it up to them..) However also be aware of something called TEMPEST and Van Eck Monitoring. (google it) Therefore you should build a homemade cage to contain the computer's EMI emissions especially if you have a old CRT monitor.. Use special shielding to prevent leaks from your VGA/DVI cables and etc.. There also have been password attacks that have been known to analyze the sound of your keyboard and your keystroke patterns, therefore best not to use physical keyboard (use software keyboard instead) and make sure your mouse can be trusted (and not a bugged mouse..) Since you are not using a keyboard you don't have to worry about hardware keyloggers but still make sure your system is clean (that you can trust your software and hardware..)

                  When you shutdown your computer the memory ram sticks actually can store data for 5 minutes to as long as half an hour and that can be recovered if attacker gains physical access to your computer.. Therefore make sure you secure your computer for an hour after the shutdown.. This kind of attack is not common but can be known to happen so be careful, there is no use to have good harddrive encryption when the data is displayed in decrypted format in RAM, so physical security is very important! remember as in anything, the weakest link gives you away!

                  Finally you need email address to signup on this site.. Well use email such as offered by .. this services offers asymmetrically encrypted email so therefore even the server admins cannot read your email.. Make sure you use secure password (random alphanumeric at least 21 characters length or longer) otherwise your email contents can still easily be brute force cracked, and also make sure SSL is on at all times and you see the "https" in your browser address bar..

                  When signin up to the lavabit email service always use random number generator such as at to generator a LONG (20+ char length) truly random alphanumeric string as the username for your lavabit email address.. (basically nothing that can get "googled" or associated with anything or anyone.. do not try to come up with a creative username or password or whatnot, just generator random ones each time) , also make sure you are still using TOR because lavabit DOES capture your ip address and places that in your email headers! Also remember to change/spoof your MAC address often.

                  Also NSA has narus splitter in AT&T (and probably every major ISP) secret rooms that make digital carbon copy of every bit of information on the internets, so even random generator strings/numbers/values are not TRULY random.. therefore to TRULY further strengthen the entropy/randomness of these random values print them out ( a list, array,matrix of these random values in rows and columns) and physically circle some random values (kinda like playing the lottery) and then using these that you circled then you make your own random number... after you are done with generating a truly nontracked random number then remember to shred and burn that piece of paper quick! ALso make sure there are no secret spy cameras in your room that could record your actions and see the random number on paper.. some printers have ram that keep a copy of what you last printed, so make sure your printer is physically secure as well, best to power down printer after done,..

                  As for the password also use random number generator to generate random password.. using same or similiar method..

                  make your interpals username random as well .. such as mine for example.. as for your interpals password use random secure password at least 16 characters in length.. DO NOT EVER USE THE SAME username or password for any two accounts.. NO getting lazy, no reusing, no repeating.. generate random username/password each and every time for everything you have to sign up for!

                  do not put any identifiable information on your profile or during registration! when conversing with other people on here do not forget to watch what information you may accidentally leak out! all the best security and encryption in the world does no good when the human is the weakest link!

                  preferably once you get to know someone do not further communicate with them on interpals using the private messaging system.. moderators and hackers and governments and easily see your messages on here.. would you trust the government? would you trust hackers? would you trust moderators? I hope not.. best is to encrypt your emails using truecrypt, then send it to your penpal via secure email such as lavabit, and have him/her decrypt on the other side with same password.. make different password for each different penpal.. this kind of sneakerware email encryption is safest (since it encrpyts the contents at ALL points and not just a few..) but make sure you read and write the email on a dedicated computer that is NEVER connected to any internets or networks..

                  Never trust anyone or anything on this site.. anyone can pretend to be anyone on a site like this.. so setting the right gender, location, age limits will do you absolutely ZERO good.. you need to follow also these steps to take extra security precautions.. Despite what most people think not all fakes are easy to catch.. there are some VERY elaborate fakers on here that you will probably NEVER be able to catch.. for all you know you could be talking to an undercover cop or some serial rapists or terrorists on here! Never give out any real information or facts or stories or experiences that can be used to reconstruct who you are and to find your identity or type classify you or hunt you down in the real world or whatnot..

                  Follows these steps and hopefully you will get reasonably safe from any stalker or pervert or serial killer or child rapist on this site.. unless he/she/it is the US government or superbadass elite hacker or ~spy~ then he/she/they/it will have nearly impossible time tracking or hunting you down... if you follow all these steps you can feel reaosonably safe and know that have peace of mind that for all intends and purposes you are basically nearly 100% anonymous on interpals.


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                    hmm good advice but eoe can be traced by their use of electronics to every electronic advice has some special field sig or emits some kind of special rays a genius hacker can easily trace you so its no biggie i would rather enjoy it since you get money for free and it will shren you but thts just me so carry on


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                      Once you are on Interpals securely, privately, and anonymously you should still want to stay "under the radar" so-to-speak..

                      Below are some tips that may help in assisting that goal:

                      1. Put as little information on your profile as possible. DO NOT UPLOAD A PICTURE. Uploading a picture will automatically make you standout like a sore-thumb in the "online" page whenever you login.. Many stalkers, scammers, and whatnots use the InterPals "Search" engine and the Online Filter to find their prey they select the "with photo" option.. Without a photo you automatically become much lesser of a target on here..

                      2. DO NOT MAKE FREQUENT PROFILE CHANGES. Everytime you change your profile even when its just 'text' descriptions the site makes you much more prominent and again stick you out like a sore-thumb with a sign that says "stalk me" when potential attackers utilize the online search function in conjunction with the 'sort by last modified' filter. Also be aware that your profile will most likely be cached by google and many other search engines.. So even when you delete information and remove photos stalkers can still look up the cached version and see what your profile was like before you made the latest changes.. This is why you should PUT AS LITTLE INFO on your profile as possible, and REFRAIN from making profile changes.. Always remember what you put out on the internet often times can NEVER be taken back! SO if you don't want it to stick forever don't even post it out!

                      3. DELETE ALL YOUR INBOX, DRAFT, SENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and never archive information on here! If you want to maintain a "low" profile remember always to purge your private messages (both inbox AND sent) as frequently as you possibly can..

                      4. Do NOT view people while logged in to your account. Don't ever let ANYONE see that you have viewed them! Even when you think that person is "safe" stalkers can stalk that person and see his/her "who has viewed me" page and leech on to YOU from there! Have multiple browsers such as FireFox, SRWARE IRON (DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHROME, this is worst Privacy browser EVER, Google chrome is basically a socially accepted backdoor rootkit trojan straight to Google -> NSA) and on the Firefox browser install adblocking extensions and privacy lists, this is because some people inject tracking tools in their profile that can capture your IP address even when you view their profile while "logged out".. Better yet remember to browse with TOR and this will become less of a problem anyway.. The reason for multiple browsers is so that you can "view" profiles with the Firefox browser while logged out and then write to others straight from the COMPOSE page in another browser such as SRWARE IRON (without first having to click on their page and then the "send message" -- which gives you away to OTHER people that views that persons profile..)

                      The latest version of SRWARE IRON (based on chromium source) supports extensions so go get the adblock extension for that browser as well..

                      5. Log out as soon as you log in.. You want to limit your "green light on time" to as little seconds as possible.. The best way to do this is to simultaneously login from one browser and then logout from the next.. Say you are going to login from Firefox and use it on firefox.. Well in that case login from both firefox and SRWARE Iron (or another trusted browser) and then logout from the second one.. You will remain logged in on the first browser but your "green light" status indicator will be dimmed.. This takes you completely off the "online" page so others who are browsing that page or who search for people who are currently "online" will not be able to find you.

                      Better yet don't even remain logged in that long no matter what.. Disable your WALL and IM, CHAT and FORCE everyone to contact you via PM only.. Therefore whenever someone sends you a message you will get a CC to your real email address. (interpals private messages enable bbcode and someone can potentially stick a tracking script in your message to get your ip address and browser/os information) You can read that message more securely in your own email address and type up a response on your computer and when you are done with all the responses for the day then login, copy-and-paste to reply and finish for the day in less than 5 minutes and then promptly logoff.. Minimize your exposure to the site and keep your actual-logged in time to as few minutes per day as possible!

                      6. Do not add anyone as a friend.. Even when you hide your friend list some stalkers can find you from your friend's friend list if their lists is not hidden as well. Also moderators can see everything on this site regardless of privacy settings so keep that in mind.. there is no such thing as "privacy settings" on any social networking site..

                      7. Do not add anyone to your bookmarks, remove yourself from the interpals "search engine", and since you don't have any "friends" therefore on the "privacy" page make sure everything is set to "interpals members" or to "no one".. never select "everyone" for ANY reason..

                      8. see #5 above.. Have a set time that you log in everyday and stick to it with discipline and do not ever deviate, and then logout immediately after you are done.. This is to prevent others from tracking your 'schedule' or 'routine'.. Also NEVER CLICK ON ANY MESSAGES.. read the cc'd version in your own personal email inbox instead! Delete all incoming private messages ASAP without ever clicking on them or reading them. Never give away the fact that you "read" a message, some stalkers constantly check their sent box to see WHEN you have read it.. (i'm talking about the whole pink simplification 'read notification' thing on private messages on interpals) This info can also be used to get an idea of your 'availability'.. You do not want to reveal that information..

                      9. Be a good 'citizen' don't cause trouble, don't do anything stupid that could potentially get you reported, and follow also the steps I listed two posts above this one and also the general guidelines from the Original Poster and you will have effectively remained invisible on interpals..


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                        hmm thats helpful


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                          Originally posted by 57125486
                          Once you are on Interpals securely, privately, and anonymously you should still want to stay "under the radar" so-to-speak..
                          Hard to follow your own advise isn't it? I mean; your advise should at least include something saying "NEVER EVER post on the forums".

                          But realy.... You're paranoid. Vigilance is good, paranoia not so much... We're still all here to enjoy ourselves and if everyone stuck to your rules then no one would be penpaling anymore.


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                            you cant> If one gets identified he is not a stalker just another teenage trying to escape from his world.


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                              Re: How to identify a CyberStalker:

                              Originally posted by 57125486
                              unless he/she/it is the US government or superbadass elite hacker or ~spy~

                              Originally posted by Croga
                              But realy.... You're paranoid. Vigilance is good, paranoia not so much... We're still all here to enjoy ourselves and if everyone stuck to your rules then no one would be penpaling anymore.
                              You are missing the point. Obviously this info is too much for you to handle.

                              @57125486 (if it decides to read this) & Everyone.
                              I will also add that all suggestions prove fruitless if the "stalker" has your IP Address. Ports are the weakest link in a network. AVs and Firewalls allow certain software/applications and Host OSs to bypass them, hence leaving an Open Port vulnerable to various packets of death. KeyLoggers, backdoor trojans, worms, malware in general can be sent through this Open Port without detection. Yeah, sure you maybe able to prevent much of that when you're using a third party site as the middle-man, but as soon as you start conversing with your unknown "stalker" via any Messenger Applications such as MSN and Yahoo you are therefore an easy target. There are numerous tools to aid certain individuals that can Sniff Packets and Cookies (which you should clear in your browers after each and every session and never store your passwords on your computer/s) as well. Chat Rooms are also vulnerable, since Java bypasses AVs & Firewalls security too. Many Admins and Webmaster downplay this and express they have apparent (less than effective) Filtering on, but this is not difficult to bypass thanks to some tools.

                              Also note, it is possible to add links in forums taking unsuspecting victims to another page embed with even a tracker which aids in finding out your IP address and basic info. Even more worrisome for you all is that the off-site link/s may contain hidden arbitrary code itself.

                              Just don't give any "stalker" (including hackers and script-kiddies) a reason to want to hunt you. Don't give out any indication that you are a millionaire as an example. Don't piss people off, as you never know if they have the knowledge to give you a lovely packet present. Commands can be sent to your computer remotely. Seriously do not go out of your way to troll, flame, or piss people off without first understanding the consequences and if you are prepared to accept they may very well steal your personal data or least of your concerns send you trojan.

                              Nevertheless, some great points have been expressed by 57125486, but as "it" says, "humans are the weakest link". Self control over wanting to click links is of utmost importance. Always first check the destination of links via hovering your mouse over the link and observing the url in the browsers taskbar.